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Switch 30 mins of social media for exercise to reap mental health benefits – study


Switch 30 mins of social media for exercise to reap mental health benefits – study

By replacing 30 minutes of daily social media use with physical activity, you will feel happier, new research suggests.

According to the new study, switching social media for exercise for just two weeks can have a positive impact.

The research team from the Mental Health Research and Treatment Center at Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany, headed up by assistant professor Julia Brailovskaia, Ph.D., reported that participants who swapped social media for exercise felt more satisfied, less depressed, and less stressed by the COVID-19 pandemic than their peers in a control group.

Furthermore, the positive effects of the two-week period lasted for up to six months after the study concluded.

“Given that we don’t know for certain how long the coronavirus crisis will last, we wanted to know how to protect people’s mental health with services that are as free and low-threshold as possible,” Brailovskaia said in a statement.

“This shows us how vital it is to reduce our availability online from time to time and to go back to our human roots,” she added. “These measures can be easily implemented into one’s everyday life and they’re completely free – and, at the same time, they help us to stay happy and healthy in the digital age.”

*image courtesy of Irina L from Pixabay