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French Knees – Part Two


Last week, we introduced you to the blog of one of our former patients which details her experience undergoing total knee replacement surgery in France. Having been put in touch with us here at France Surgery via a medical tourism website, she decided to get the ball rolling and see how to progress with her surgery.

It seems, from one of her earliest blog posts, that we certainly met her expectations in terms of response time: “Almost within a day I received back a detailed response as to what would be required for one of their surgeons to replace my knee.”

She then outlines how we facilitated the communication of her medical records to our surgical specialists here in France. These included MRI scans and X-Rays but the beauty of the internet is that distance is no object.

Obviously, the decision to undergo a serious medical procedure in a foreign country isn’t something that anyone would take lightly. But again, the beauty of the internet is that an international affair becomes something that feels much closer to home: “On the internet one can almost research anything.  So the doctors were researched, the Clinique, its reputation, personal accounts by patients all were read by myself and my daughter.”

Their research undoubtedly put their minds at rest: “After all this we felt comfortable proceeding.” But for even greater peace of mind we provided her with as much information as possible about the procedure she would be undergoing, the medical professionals involved, including anaesthetists and everything else that would ultimately be useful.

However, quite naturally they were still erring on the side of caution and posed the inevitable question to us: “What if it goes wrong…”

With surgery, there’s always an element of risk but to find out how we here at France Surgery deal with such questions you’ll have to wait another week for the third and final instalment of French Knees.

To be continued…