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Computer Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery


It’s amazing how modern technology is assisting and ultimately improving surgical procedures today. It wasn’t that long ago that surgery relied solely on the skills of the surgeon and their team. Today, however, computers are now playing ever more important roles in ensuring that surgery is trouble-free and highly accurate.

Knee replacement surgery is just one procedure that is benefitting greatly from the introduction of computer assistance. With the aid of computer technology, surgeons can now carry out knee replacements with unprecedented levels of accuracy and precision.


This totally eliminates what may have previously been described as ‘guess work’ by the surgeon and affords a number of benefits for the patient.

Studies have shown that knee replacements that are carried out well – perfectly balanced and accurately aligned – last longer. Furthermore, they are said to feel better.

Computer assisted knee replacements are very successful because the surgeon can precisely align the patient’s bone and the implant, with a degree of accuracy far greater than the human eye can afford.

The end result is a more natural functioning knee replacement which allows for a better range of motion. Additionally, the surgery is performed with fewer, if not zero, errors and the patient’s recovery time is inevitably shortened.

If you are considering knee replacement surgery then why not find out if a computer assisted procedure could be right for you.

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