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happy patient
Dear Iulia

I want to thank you for the way you made my medical treatment in France such a success and in particular your dedication and competence to ensure this success was achieved. I am very grateful. I am very satisfied with the care and treatment to date and that Iulia has been extremely caring and dedicated.

Thank you,

Alexander A.
Mai 2019
Good morning Julia and Bernard,
Before the business of the day starts I just thought I'd like to thank you both so much for yesterday's kindness and friendship. A long day for you both especially coming all the way from Toulouse. These situations are always stressful and you both helped tremendously to make the day straightforward and hassle free.

Hopefully over the next couple of days the outstanding items will all get resolved and then when we come to Toulouse we'd like to buy you both lunch to celebrate my good health.

Best Regards
Jung Ah and Clive

July 2018
The surgery was brilliant and the recovery facilities superb. My really quick recovery wouldn't have been possible without them.

Very Best Wishes

David R.
May 2018
happy patient
Dear Carine,

Thank you so much for calling! We saw your card that you had dropped in. William is very happy with everything .
Some ordinance documentation was dropped off with William . It was for the anti coagulation injection for the nurse . William had told me you were going to send him some post op instructions.
We were not able to send emails from the hospital. He had sent you one when he arrived but was not able to go through.
Many thanks for all your assistance. Your organisation has been superb . The hospital and staff have been exemplary.

Best wishes
Denny H.
December, 2016
Hello Carine,

Thank you so much for all you have done for us these past two weeks. Our trip has been spectacular. We do love Toulouse and are looking forward to coming back for our future medical needs. We really liked both Drs De Chevigne and Bournazou. You are really remarkable and we so thank you for your professionalism, dedication and kindness.

Best wishes to you , Joyce and Bruce

May, 2016
Dear Carine,

I would like to say thank you SO very much for getting me an appointment with Dr. Delepine!
He was fantastic and he really made my situation so much better!
Without you that wouldn’t have been possible. I really appreciate that you were helping me out.
I have now returned to the US and if things go accordingly to Dr. Delepine, I will be walking on my leg within a month and surgery thankfully won’t be necessary. Again, THANK YOU so much for everything.


June, 2016
The support you have given me during my medical stay in France was exceptional ! la Sauvegarde Clinic in Lyon is very professional and the medical staff was extremely helpful and comprehensive. Je suis tres impressionee!
I want to thank you for your exceptional service and your attention always so punctual.

Bien cordialement,
Valerie S.
Going into hospital for an operation major or minor can be stressful but going into a hospital for an operation in a country where the language is not the same as your own can be even worse. Therefore when I learnt that I needed a cataract operation in March 2011, in France, I approached the process with some trepidation. However I took a deep intake of breathe and I attempted to get myself sorted out but the best I could achieve was an operation in September 2011. As I could barely see anything out of may left eye, my husband and I resorted to the internet to see if there xas an alternative and this was where encountered a company called France Surgery. They specialise in looking after people coming to France from overseas for operations/treatments and also nationals from other countries living in France.
There is obviously a charge for their services but for us it was worth every centime. From the moment we made contact they were able to book me into a clinic for the operation before the end of April 2011 and accompanied me every stage of the way.
1. They attended all the initial consultations
2. They dealt with all the administration including invoices from the hospital
3 They booked my room for the operation and ensured that the nurses who would deal me spoke English
4. They checked with the surgeon after the operation that all gone okay and rang me to reassure me that all was well
5. They attended the post operative consultation and checked me out of the clinic
6. They also attended the final check-up with the consultant and finally provided me with all the follow-up paperwork and the invoices information.
I would not hesitate to recommend this organisation to others

Claudia D.
Dear Carine,

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to write to you to express my thanks for the very professional way that my operation for Carpal Tunnel Release was arranged and completed.
Barry B.
Likewise, I was very impressed with the Post Operation help given to me in collating all the necessary paper work from the Hospital, to enable me to follow up my claim with my Medical Insurers.
I personally would not hesitate in using France Surgery in the future and would most definitely recommend your services to my family and friends.

Kind regards
Barry B.
Hi Carine

Thanks for your e-mail and Dr Giraud’s report.
Many thanks also for your support before and during our stay here, I do not know how we would have managed without you.
Denise is leaving the Clinic tomorrow after lunch and we have decided to leave Montauban and head for home.
Best wishes to you and France Surgery in the future.

Thanks again
Graham H.
Hi Carine …Bernard & Dr Aebi,

I am writing to thankyou for your help and the overall Surgery Package.You all gave me the the very best attention..seeing to my every requirement. the Hospital and nursing staff were excellent as was the Physiotherapist. I couldn’t have had a kinder… more encouraging and kind Surgeon than Dr Aebi, he came to see me, usually at least once..sometimes two or three times each day,always showing me more that I could achieve every day !
I am walking very well…a little discomfort…not a problem though.I am pleased with my progress and see improvement on a weekly basis now.

Many Thanks,
Paul M.
Hello Carine,

I am now back at Callac and I have to say a massive thank you for organising the treatment. Compared to England it was exceptional and with some careful planning I consider you could develop a really successful business.
The Doctor gave me his medical opinion and referred me back to my own doctor in England for the correct medical (cf. surgical) treatment. He sent a message and the report has been posted to England,

Many Thanks
Rod D.
This E Mail is to confirm that I recently had a new Knee replacement at Clinique du Pont de Chaume.
I have a house in France and wanted the surgery here as I believe the Hospitals cleaner and medicine better than in the UK.
Carine at France Surgery took over all the paper work to ensure the proceedure was paid for by EHIC and I was required to pay only for France Suregery fees and cost of Private faciilities in the Hospital. I was met at the Hospital and was releived to be cared for by France Surgery who took me around from Anaesthetist to X ray and finally to my appointment with the surgeon Dr G.
The Hospital was clean and Dr G. was an exceedinglky competent man who gave me full confidence.
I was met again at the Hospital when i was admitted and France Surgery helped me find my room and presented me with some essentials for my stay.
The Proceedure went perfectlly and I was able to leave Hospital 5 days later.
France Surgery had arranged for me to have Physiotherapy and I went along some 20 times. I went back 1 month later for X rays and to be re checked by Dr G.
I am very happy with France Surgery and would be delighted to use them again should I need further Surgery in France, I would be happy to talk to anyone wishing to talk aout my experience with France Surgery/the proceedure

Kind regards
Anthony E
La contencion y el acompañamiento fueron muy importante porque nos hicieron sentir en familia. El gerente del hotel puso el hotel a nueztra disposicion mostrando buen añimo en todo momento. Tiene ademas un trato excellente y hâbla 4 idiomas. La cercania del hotel tambien fue importante.
En la clinica tanto la cama del paciente, como la del acompañante be desarmaron en dos oportunidades. Es necesariomas profesionales de haber hispana o inglesa.
Por el equipo France SURGERY y el equipo médico, apartir de ahora los consideramos parte de nuestra familia ¡

Marcos S.
Estimada Carine:

Al saludarte, quería informarte que el regreso fue muy bueno, la asistencia en los aeropuertos fue muy puntual y eficaz.durante el vuelo de Amsterdam a San Pablo me dieron la primera fila con lo cual no tuve problemas con mi pierna, el servicio a bordo de KLM es excelente, mi recuperación va progresando

No me resta sino agradecer tus servicios en Francia, los cuales fueron de la más alta calidad profesional sin olvidar la calidez humana fundamental en estos casos. Cualquier cosa en la que pueda serte de utilidad estoy a tu disposición

Hasta pronto
Carlos A.