Medical assistance
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Our Experts
Dr. Marc Giraud
Dr. Marc Giraud has been practicing Orthopaedic surgery for 22 years.

He is part of a team of 5 surgeons working together at the Clinic du Pont de Chaume to handle emergencies as well as elective procedure.

He is Member of several Scientific Medical Societies, among which the French Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons (SOFCOT), The French Society of Hip and Knee (SFHG), the French Society of Arthroscopy (SFA).

Member of the administration council of private hospitals in VEDICI Group.
Françoise Loesch
After the baccalaureate and pharmacy university, she entered the pharmaceutical industry, in Innothera laboratory.

Given the wide range of specialties of this company, she has known almost all medical specialties: Gynecology, Endocrinology, Phlebology, Dermatology, Pediatrics, Respiratory, Cardiology, Anesthesiology, Digestive Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Orhopaedic Surgery.

With all these years in the healthcare service, knowing perfectly the universe of patients and healthcare teams, together with 4 other people, she founded two companies, ORTHO DMI DIFFUSION and FRANCE SURGERY, and brought her expertise in these service societies dedicated to patients.
Carine Hilaire
Expert in the application of Internet technology to the healthcare sector, Carine is the CEO of France Surgery.

Full of energy, the expert in medical travel, certified by the US Medical Travel Association, balances being a businesswoman and a mother, often feeling as though she has carried out several lifetimes in one week!

But above all Carine is passionate about the extraordinary quality of care in her country and wants to share the sense of French hospitality.

Her driving force? A natural cocktail of surprising energy, elegance and generosity.
Bernard Schaller
Bernard is passionate about medicine and surgical techniques. It all started at the University of Economic Sciences in Toulouse. Then, 30 years spent in the pharmaceutical industry have allowed him to have a comprehensive approach to the expertise of the French surgeons.

His duty is now to make known to foreign patients that France proposes them the best surgical techniques and treatment offers at the most fair costs.

His motto: "Work is a daily pleasure, not an obligation!".
Iulia Apostu
Fueled by curiosity, ambition and natural intuition, Iulia was determined to step into a totally new field where patient care is the highest priority. A world that would teach her about professionalism, dedication, special care and attention and, perhaps most importantly, a world of specialists.

Iulia is very much a ‘people person’ who loves being part of a multicultural team, meeting new people and forging new relationships.

She is also a webmarketing expert, focusing on digital communication, social media and website design.