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France Surgery and Sancheng Digital sign partnership


Sancheng Digital, Europe to China marketing company and France Surgery, France's leading medical tourism company signed a partnership deal this week. The signing took place at TBSeeds - Toulouse Business School's start-up incubator.   (Sancheng Digital and France Surgery have strong links to Toulouse Business School, the founders of both companies having studied at the institution.)  Chinese outbound medical tourism is growing year on year as Chinese consumers seek to access medical treatment unavailable to them in their home country. Hanya Cao co-founder Sancheng Digital: "Sancheng Digital are excited to be working hand in hand with France Surgery to enable them to strengthen their position in the Chinese market." Carine HILAIRE co-founder France Surgery: "Sancheng Digital's expertise in China focused marketing made them a perfect business partner for France Surgery in our quest to build strong relationships with Chinese clients." Annexe: “Chinese outbound tourism figures continue to grow. Estimates show 500,000 outbound Chinese medical travellers spend at least $10 billion a year, lucrative for medical tourism destinations in Southeast Asia, Europe and the USA.” Sancheng Digital和France Surgery签署战略合作协议      2018年9月11日,Sancheng Digital 和 France Surgery 在法国图卢兹商学院创业孵化中心签署了一项重要合作协议。Sancheng Digital立足法国南部,致力于中欧贸易合作和国际市场营销服务。在协议签署后, France Surgury 将在其助力下进一步打开中国境外医疗旅游市场。     据报道,随着中国经济稳步增长,中国出境医疗旅游市场也成为各国看好的新蓝海。医疗体检和疗养旅游深受中国中产阶级青睐,除此之外,在癌症等恶性疾病治疗领域,欧美等国往往拥有更充足的医疗资源和更先进的研发治疗手段,因此也吸引着越来越多的中国患者前往海外接受治疗。      France Surgery的创始人凯莉.希拉里 (Carine HILAIRE) 说: "目前我们已经为许多来自欧美,中东,北非地区的病患提供了系列帮助,中国将会是我们的下一站,很高兴我们能和Sancheng Digital成为战略合作伙伴,相信在他们的支持下,我们能更好的了解中国病人的需求,推广法国的医疗旅游品牌,帮助更多中国病患在法国接受相关治疗,重获健康。"

France Surgery Visit to China


C H E N G D U   H E A L T H   S E R V I C E    C H A M B E R   O F   C O M M E R C E    &      S A N Y I   M E D I C A L    C E N T R E   &   C H I N A   I N T E R N A T I O N A L   M E D I C A L    T O U R I S M   F A I R       O U R    D E L E G A T I O N    The French Medical & Health Delegation, comprised of Dr. Marc Giraud, co-founder of France Surgery and Dr. Jean-Patrick Lajonchère, the President of Hôpital Saint Joseph in Paris, travelled to Chengu, China earlier this month.  They were welcomed by Mr. SHI JUN, President of the Chengdu Health Service Industry Chamber of Commerce, together with representatives of JustGood Health Industry Group, Sichuan Southwest International Medical equipment city and Chengdu Yukang hospital.    This was a good opportunity to bound the Franco-Chinese partnership related to the medical and health industry, that was signed last November in Paris, when France Surgery, together with Mr. Philippe Douste-Blazy and the Hôpital Saint Joseph welcomed the Chinese delegation.   The Chinese tour also comprised a visit at the China International Medical Tourism (Chengdu) Fair and to the Sanyi Medical Center, where we've met esteemed professionals and future collaborators!  

France Surgery exhibits at the China Workshop in Paris


Last Wednesday, France Surgery proudly exhibited at the fourth edition of the China Workshop in Paris. The event, which was held at the Hotel du Collectionneur, saw hundreds of French exhibitors and Chinese visitors brought together under one roof to promote tourism opportunities in France for Chinese nationals. While Europe has always been a popular destination for Chinese tourists, the China Workshop presents a unique opportunity for French companies and Chinese tour operators to get in contact and develop mutual business relationships. France Surgery spent the day forging new business partnerships and promoting France as a medical tourism destination for Chinese nationals. The China Workshop was a fantastic opportunity for us to speak face-to-face with people interested in our services and provide them with detailed information about the medical tourism opportunities that exist for them here in France. France Surgery is already looking forward to next year's China Workshop, which is sure to be another successful event. You can find out more about the event on the official China Workshop website.

New Study Finds Coffee Reduces the Risk of Liver Cancer


Millions of people around the world enjoy a cup of coffee as part of their morning routine. But now, thanks to a new study, coffee drinkers can add “reduces your risk of liver cancer” to their list of health benefits associated with their favourite morning tipple. During the study, scientists from the World Cancer Research Fund International's Continuous Update Project (CUP) worked in partnership with the American Institute for Cancer Research. They analysed 24,500 cases of liver cancer – a disease that is on the rise in America – and found that coffee drinkers were 29% less likely to contract liver cancer. It’s still not known exactly why coffee helps, but liver cancer now joins Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease on the list of afflictions whose risk is reduced through java consumption. In addition to the coffee findings, the study revealed that drinking alcohol and being obese increase the risk of liver cancer. It was also specifically noted that people who consume more than three alcoholic drinks per day had a dramatically higher chance of contracting liver cancer. Stephen Hursting, a researcher at the University of North Carolina, said: “This is the first time there's been such a clear signal from a rigorous, systematic review on the links between obesity increasing risk of liver cancer and coffee decreasing risk.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S., 69% of Americans are currently overweight or obese. France Surgery can help facilitate a range of bariatric procedures, which are not only performed in world-class medical facilities, but also highly affordable.

Our new Partnership with Global Protective Solutions


People looking to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities that medical tourism affords also need the security of a dedicated travel insurance policy. That’s why we’ve formed a new partnership with speciality insurance broker Custom Assurance Placements LTD and more specifically their Global Protective Solutions policy. With more and more people realising the benefits of undergoing medical procedures abroad, a bespoke travel insurance solution was always an eventuality. What is Global Protective Solutions? Global Protective Solutions is specialist travel insurance that has been developed to meet the specific needs of medical tourists. It covers accidents that occur outside the insured’s home country and address the financial implications of travel accident related expenses or accidental complications. How does GPS differ from other medical travel plans? Traditional travel insurance policies usually do not cover trips that are solely for the purpose of medical care. Furthermore, policies that do cover medical travel are often limited when it comes to corrective procedure limits should complications arise as a result of a particular medical procedure. With GPS, individuals receive enhanced cover designed to address complications for up to six months after the original procedure. Moreover, there are additional benefits for any complications that result in the following: Death Additional medical treatment Disability including severe disfigurement Physiotherapy and subsequent rehabilitation Issues relating to reproductive function Dependent care/family co-ordination Home modifications So with such comprehensive medical travel insurance at your fingertips, you can book your upcoming medical procedure in France with total peace of mind.

Healthcare in France for English Speaking Residents


Are you an expat living in France? Have you ever wondered about the French Healthcare System and the possibility of using it for an upcoming surgical procedure? If so, then France Surgery could be your perfect gateway to the French Healthcare System! But why use France Surgery? Well, for a start, what could be better than dealing with a company who handles everything in English? That’s right! Here at France Surgery we are committed to assisting our expatriate friends and that’s why we endeavour to handle every query in English. After all, what good is it providing a first-class healthcare service to expats if they can only understand every other word?! Now that we’ve levelled the playing field when it comes to language barriers, what about the French Healthcare System? Fortunately, France Surgery are committed to being a meticulous guide through the French Healthcare System and that’s why we encourage expats to take advantage of the fantastic benefits that it has to offer. What could be better than discovering everything that the French Healthcare System has to offer than with a company who understands it inside out?! Many individuals have heard that healthcare in France is often unparalleled, yet they don’t know how to even begin discovering the benefits. That’s why France Surgery guides all our patients through the maze that can be the French Healthcare System and ensure we are on-hand to handle any queries; should they arise. Furthermore, with a plethora of outstanding medical facilities across the country, how do people know which ones are the best? This is a quandary that France Surgery can eliminate, as we have established relationships with approximately 120 hospitals and more than 1,500 highly experienced medical specialists all across the country. With France Surgery, you need never worry about trying to find a reputable medical professional who specialises specifically in your particular surgical need. Finally, for your complete peace of mind and satisfaction, France Surgery is a member of the Franco British chamber of Commerce and their services are promoted in a bi-monthly newsletter. Likewise, France Surgery’s close association with the United States can be seen in its partnership with the US embassy, which should reassure US expats that they can expect only first-class service from France Surgery. This means that you can rest assured that France Surgery is an established organisation dedicated to facilitating medical procedures in France. In fact, the Franco British chamber of Commerce was setup to promote business trade between the UK and France. Therefore, France Surgery’s membership further cements its position as a provider of high-quality healthcare services for British expats seeking a world-class service.