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French biotech company pioneers stem cell treatment for heart attack victims


A biotechnology company in France has developed a new stem cell treatment for heart attack victims who would otherwise need to wait for a transplant. CellProthera, which is based in Mulhouse in eastern France, is currently halfway through clinical trials with 50 patients and says the new treatment could be available by 2026, all being well. The pioneering treatment uses stem cells from a patient’s own body to repair their heart. During an extremely promising first stage trial, patients with very bad hearts were injected with stem cells. Their hearts were seen to start repairing themselves and most were able to live lives similar to those before they fell sick. CellProthera spokeswoman Paula Lee told The Connexion: “They are all people who have had severe heart attacks, which have damaged the heart muscles.” If all goes to plan, CellProthera’s second-stage trials will end in mid-2023, followed by a third stage on a wider patient pool, with full approval for use in 2026.  Approximately 80,000 people in France suffer from heart attacks each year, with 12,000 resulting in immediate death. Another 10% pass away within an hour of the attack, while 15% of survivors die within a year.  CellProthera aims to assist the approximately 30% of individuals who survive the initial heart attack but have weakened heart muscle due to oxygen deprivation during the attack. Without treatment, this often leads to death within five years. “We cannot say yet what the cost per patient will be but it will be much cheaper than a heart transplant,” added Lee. *Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

France Surgery: Top for Medical Tourism


France Surgery has over 20 years’ experience in the French medical sector. We have a strict employment procedure which is why our Medical and Patients Service teams are of the highest calibre, to ensure your entire time in our care is handled professionally, sympathetically and warmly. To meet our own high expectations, we search out only the best hospitals and clinics in France for your stay, and have extremely qualified specialists to liaise with and treat your individual needs. So why should France Surgery be your first port of call when it comes to medical treatment in France? For a number of reasons, these include: We offer a range of over 150 hospitals, and more than 1,500 experienced specialists country-wide. We offer the largest online platform for medical travel in France. This secure platform enables you to share your medical records safely and allows the surgeon or doctor to have the necessary background information prior to an initial consultation. We give a realistic pre-travel medical evaluation to avoid unnecessary time-wasting. We provide a post-operation / procedure e-follow up to keep you informed of all results and our recommendations. France Surgery offers the full package. We are with you through your decision making, when undergoing treatment and once you return home. You’re not alone with us. Get in touch today to discuss your medical needs. Photo credit: © - 

Recover from Surgery in Brive La Gaillarde


Brive La Gaillarde is in the Limousin region of France and has to offer some of the most beautiful settings in France. The narrow, winding streets that lead to the stunning and unspoilt countryside of this region can make a person completely forget their worries and stresses. For anyone considering surgery or other medical treatment in France, Brive La Gaillarde is a fantastic destination for pure relaxation and the ability to unwind and recover. The people of Brive La Gaillarde are renowned for being friendly and welcoming and so anybody traveling to this region will have no worries about being treated poorly by the locals or not wanting to venture out after their treatment. This is lucky because there is certainly a lot to venture out for. The relaxing countryside offers a great contrast for the hustle and bustle of the markets where the fantastic French culture can be experienced at its best. The cuisine in Brive La Gaillarde is also something that should be experienced before returning home as well as getting know more about the history of this small French commune. It would certainly be a shame to leave Brive La Gaillarde without finding out more about the place and the people who, during the Second World War, was the first French town to be liberated when its citizens negotiated for themselves with the Germans. Photo credits: Flickr