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A low-carb diet may help relieve symptoms of knee osteoarthritis


If you or someone you know suffers with knee osteoarthritis, a new study may provide some hope. One of the most widespread forms of arthritis in the United States, osteoarthritis affects around 10% of men and 13% of women over the age of 60. Moreover, some estimates say it affects almost 40% of people over the age of 70. What’s worse is there is currently no cure, with doctors and medical professionals usually prescribing painkillers to help alleviate symptoms. Knee replacement surgery is also an option that’s considered. However, a new study led by Robert Sorge, Ph.D., who is the director of the PAIN Collective in the University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Psychology, has found that a diet low in carbohydrates could help relieve knee osteoarthritis symptoms. Having followed either a low-carb or low-fat diet for 12 weeks, the 21 adults aged 65–75 who had knee osteoarthritis and participated in the study were examined to see what the effect had been. The participants’ functional pain levels were analyzed, as well as their serum blood levels for oxidative stress, both at the beginning of the study and at the end. Participants that followed the low-carb diet had reduced functional pain levels and levels of self-reported pain. Furthermore, they also showed less oxidative stress in their serum blood levels. Speaking about the findings of the study, Sorge said: “Our work shows [that] people can reduce their pain with a change in diet.”

Replacement hips and knees last as long as 25 years - study


Hip and knee replacements last much longer than previously thought, according to a large-scale study from the UK. It’s a reality that will help both patients and surgeons determine when it is the right time to perform surgery. The study conducted by the University of Bristol analysed 25 years’ worth of operations data involving more than 500,000 patients. It found that eight out of 10 knee replacements (80%) and six out of 10 hip replacements (60%) last as long as 25 years. Until now, little has been known about the true success and longevity of replacement hips and knees – despite them being two of the most common forms of surgery carried out on the NHS. Previously, doctors have been unable to provide accurate estimates as to how long a patient’s replacement hip or knee might last. Now, they are in a much better position to give confident answers when questioned. Speaking about the findings of the research, which were published in The Lancet, Dr Jonathan Evans, orthopaedic registrar, lead study author and research fellow at Bristol Medical School, said: “At best, the NHS has only been able to say how long replacements are designed to last, rather than referring to actual evidence from multiple patients' experiences of joint replacement surgery. “Given the improvement in technology and techniques in the last 25 years, we expect that hip or knee replacements put in today may last even longer.” Follow these links to find out more about minimally invasive hip replacement surgery and minimally invasive knee surgery in France.



TESTIMONIALS Mr Philipp D.C.     Mr Peter A.   Dear Carine Thank you so much for calling!  We saw your card that you had dropped in. William is very happy with everything . Some ordinance documentation was dropped off with William . It was for the anti coagulation injection for the nurse . William had told me you were going to send him some post op instructions. We were not able to send emails from the hospital. He had sent you one when he arrived but was not able to go through. Many thanks for all your assistance. Your organisation has been superb . The hospital and staff have been exemplary. Best wishes Denny H.  December, 2016             Hello Carine,         Thank you so much for all you have done for us these past two weeks. Our trip has            been spectacular.         We do love Toulouse and are looking forward to coming back for our future                        medical needs. We really liked both Drs De Chevigne and Bournazou.           You are really remarkable and we so thank you for your professionalism,                        dedication and kindness.           Best wishes to you ,          Joyce and Bruce  May, 2016 Dear Carine,    I would like to say thank you SO very much for getting me an appointment with Dr. Delepine!    He was fantastic and he really made my situation so much better!    Without you that wouldn't have been possible. I really appreciate that you were helping me out.    I have now returned to the US and if things go accordingly to Dr. Delepine, I will be walking on my leg within a month and surgery thankfully won't be necessary.    Again, THANK YOU so much for everything.    Best,    Julia.    June, 2016   Thank you for your e-mail which is very kind and most appreciated. We are glad that France Surgery is doing well as you all deserve it by being genuine people with a caring attitude which is rare in these times. many thanks Deborah S.   The support you have given me during my medical stay in France was exceptional ! la Sauvegarde Clinic in Lyon is very professional and the medical staff was extremely helpful and comprehensive. Je suis tres impressionee! I want to thank you for your exceptional service and your attention always so punctual. Bien cordialement, Valerie S.   Going into hospital for an operation major or minor can be stressful but going into a hospital for an operation in a country where the language is not the same as your own can be even worse. Therefore when I learnt that I needed a cataract operation in March 2011, in France, I approached the process with some trepidation. However I took a deep intake of breathe and I attempted to get myself sorted out but the best I could achieve was an operation in September 2011. As I could barely see anything out of may left eye, my husband and I resorted to the internet to see if there xas an alternative and this was where encountered a company called France Surgery. They specialise in looking after people coming to France from overseas for operations/treatments and also nationals from other countries living in France. There is obviously a charge for their services but for us it was worth every centime. From the moment we made contact they were able to book me into a clinic for the operation before the end of April 2011 and accompanied me every stage of the way. 1. They attended all the initial consultations 2. They dealt with all the administration including invoices from the hospital 3 They booked my room for the operation and ensured that the nurses who would deal me spoke English 4. They checked with the surgeon after the operation that all gone okay and rang me to reassure me that all was well 5. They attended the post operative consultation and checked me out of the clinic 6. They also attended the final check-up with the consultant and finally provided me with all the follow-up paperwork and the invoices information. I would not hesitate to recommend this organisation to others Claudia D.   Dear Carine, It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to write to you to express my thanks for the very professional way that my operation for Carpal Tunnel Release was arranged and completed. Barry B. Likewise, I was very impressed with the Post Operation help given to me in collating all the necessary paper work from the Hospital, to enable me to follow up my claim with my Medical Insurers. I personally would not hesitate in using France Surgery in the future and would most definitely recommend your services to my family and friends. Kind regards Barry B.     Hi Carine Thanks for your e-mail and Dr Giraud's report. Many thanks also for your support before and during our stay here, I do not know how we would have managed without you. Denise is leaving the Clinic tomorrow after lunch and we have decided to leave Montauban and head for home. Best wishes to you and France Surgery in the future. Thanks again Graham H.     Hi Carine ...Bernard & Dr Aebi, I am writing to thankyou for your help and the overall Surgery Package.You all gave me the the very best attention..seeing to my every requirement. the Hospital and nursing staff were excellent as was the Physiotherapist. I couldn't have had a kinder... more encouraging and kind Surgeon than Dr Aebi, he came to see me, usually at least once..sometimes two or three times each day,always showing me more that I could achieve every day ! I am walking very well...a little discomfort...not a problem though.I am pleased with my progress and see improvement on a weekly basis now. Many Thanks, Paul M.     Hello Carine, I am now back at Callac and I have to say a massive thank you for organising the treatment. Compared to England it was exceptional and with some careful planning I consider you could develop a really successful business. The Doctor gave me his medical opinion and referred me back to my own doctor in England for the correct medical (cf. surgical) treatment. He sent a message and the report has been posted to England, Many Thanks Rod D.     This E Mail is to confirm that I recently had a new Knee replacement at Clinique du Pont de Chaume. I have a house in France and wanted the surgery here as I believe the Hospitals cleaner and medicine better than in the UK. Carine at France Surgery took over all the paper work to ensure the proceedure was paid for by EHIC and I was required to pay only for France Suregery fees and cost of Private faciilities in the Hospital. I was met at the Hospital and was releived to be cared for by France Surgery who took me around from Anaesthetist to X ray and finally to my appointment with the surgeon Dr G. The Hospital was clean and Dr G. was an exceedinglky competent man who gave me full confidence. I was met again at the Hospital when i was admitted and France Surgery helped me find my room and presented me with some essentials for my stay. The Proceedure went perfectlly and I was able to leave Hospital 5 days later. France Surgery had arranged for me to have Physiotherapy and I went along some 20 times. I went back 1 month later for X rays and to be re checked by Dr G. I am very happy with France Surgery and would be delighted to use them again should I need further Surgery in France, I would be happy to talk to anyone wishing to talk aout my experience with France Surgery/the proceedure Kind regards Anthony E   La contencion y el acompañamiento fueron muy importante porque nos hicieron sentir en familia. El gerente del hotel puso el hotel a nueztra disposicion mostrando buen añimo en todo momento. Tiene ademas un trato excellente y hâbla 4 idiomas. La cercania del hotel tambien fue importante. En la clinica tanto la cama del paciente, como la del acompañante be desarmaron en dos oportunidades. Es necesariomas profesionales de haber hispana o inglesa. Por el equipo France SURGERY y el equipo médico, apartir de ahora los consideramos parte de nuestra familia ¡ Marcos S.   Estimada Carine: Al saludarte, quería informarte que el regreso fue muy bueno, la asistencia en los aeropuertos fue muy puntual y eficaz.durante el vuelo de Amsterdam a San Pablo me dieron la primera fila con lo cual no tuve problemas con mi pierna, el servicio a bordo de KLM es excelente, mi recuperación va progresando No me resta sino agradecer tus servicios en Francia, los cuales fueron de la más alta calidad profesional sin olvidar la calidez humana fundamental en estos casos. Cualquier cosa en la que pueda serte de utilidad estoy a tu disposición Hasta pronto Carlos A.

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement


COMPUTER ASSISTED KNEE REPLACEMENT French surgeons use more and more computer-assisted navigation technology to perform knee replacement. Knee navigation helps ensure better alignment and results for total knee replacement. One of the most critical aspects of knee replacement surgery is proper positioning of the joint replacement implants. Incorrectly aligned implants can lead to increased wear and loosening of the joint replacement. In Computer-Assisted Surgery (CAS), a computerised model of the joint is used to ensure correct joint alignment, based on the bone anatomy and the intra-operative ligament situation. By tracking surgical instruments and components in relation to patient anatomy, Total knee navigation software is proven to improve long-leg alignment and functionality. Proven clinical benefit Superior soft-tissue management Truly open platform enhances implant workflow and flexibility Proven clinical benefit Several independent studies over the years have shown that using computer navigation for knee replacement surgery reduces the number of outliers and improves overall alignment, leading to better performance and longer life of the implants. Fewer outliers, better varus/valgus alignment Less risk of fat embolisms Less blood loss Fewer complications for TKR Superior soft tissue management for TKR Today's active patients are demanding a natural-feeling knee, so attention to soft tissue is increasingly important in total knee arthroplasty. Applications have multiple ways to assess and quantify the soft tissue envelope, including gap balancing and balance information through the entire range of motion. Multiple workflows Balancing in extension and flexion Gap balancing Range of motion analysis

What’s Different About Computer Assisted Knee Replacement?


Knee replacement surgery is classed as a routine operation with tens of thousands being carried out each year in France. The reason for knee replacement surgery is that the knee joint becomes damaged and causes pain to the patient, or the damage affects the everyday life of the patient and hinders their ability to carry out routine tasks.  What is knee replacement surgery? There are two types of knee replacements available. The first is a total knee replacement where both sides of the knee joint are replaced. The second is a partial knee replacement which involves one side of the knee joint being replaced.  What is Computer Assisted Knee Replacement? Computer assisted knee replacement uses computers to create a model of the knee joint and also to track the surgical instruments during the operation in relation to the computerised model of the patients body.  What difference does this make? Computer assisted knee replacement surgery is commonly used in France. French surgeons are experienced at carrying out operations in this way which achieve better results than non-computer assisted operations. The computerisation allows for better accuracy which means less wear on the replacement joint and improved leg alignment and functionality. Photo Credit: © Alila Medical Images -

French Knees – Part Three


Last week’s French Knees post left you hanging after our patient’s daughter posed the question that is always in the minds of people about to undergo surgery: “What if it goes wrong…” Well, there are always risk factors involved with any type of surgery but these are lessened when non-invasive procedures are opted for. Furthermore, the surgeon performing the operation would be at the disposal of our patient’s GP for at least a year. And, in the absolute worst case scenario, the surgery would be redone with no extra cost to our patient. With all this in mind our patient decided to proceed and potential dates were given to her for the operation. All she had to do now was travel to France and let us take care of everything for her. You can see the surgeon’s handiwork in this photo post just two weeks after her operation. In fact, there are numerous posts that document her recovery and talk about her entire experience in France. However, this post is particularly heart-warming and outlines one of her final meetings with the surgeon who performed her total knee replacement – Dr Demay. It really highlights all the benefits that she was able to take advantage of by choosing to undergo her surgery with us here in France. Dr Demay obviously made a great impression: “He is such a nice nice nice man. honestly you could not have anyone more thorough and apparently patient.” And for all the invaluable assistance, our patient and her daughter decided to end the day by treating their English speaking guide to lunch – what a lovely touch! For more information about how France Surgery can help you realise the significant benefits of undergoing a medical procedure in France, contact us today.

French Knees – Part Two


Last week, we introduced you to the blog of one of our former patients which details her experience undergoing total knee replacement surgery in France. Having been put in touch with us here at France Surgery via a medical tourism website, she decided to get the ball rolling and see how to progress with her surgery. It seems, from one of her earliest blog posts, that we certainly met her expectations in terms of response time: “Almost within a day I received back a detailed response as to what would be required for one of their surgeons to replace my knee.” She then outlines how we facilitated the communication of her medical records to our surgical specialists here in France. These included MRI scans and X-Rays but the beauty of the internet is that distance is no object. Obviously, the decision to undergo a serious medical procedure in a foreign country isn’t something that anyone would take lightly. But again, the beauty of the internet is that an international affair becomes something that feels much closer to home: “On the internet one can almost research anything.  So the doctors were researched, the Clinique, its reputation, personal accounts by patients all were read by myself and my daughter.” Their research undoubtedly put their minds at rest: “After all this we felt comfortable proceeding.” But for even greater peace of mind we provided her with as much information as possible about the procedure she would be undergoing, the medical professionals involved, including anaesthetists and everything else that would ultimately be useful. However, quite naturally they were still erring on the side of caution and posed the inevitable question to us: “What if it goes wrong…” With surgery, there’s always an element of risk but to find out how we here at France Surgery deal with such questions you’ll have to wait another week for the third and final instalment of French Knees. To be continued…

French Knees – Part One


Here at France Surgery, we pride ourselves on offering the absolute best service possible when it comes to facilitating medical procedures in France for people living in other parts of the world. Obviously, we love hearing from our patients about their experiences and this feedback usually comes in the form of an email, or in some cases a video. However, one of our especially internet-savvy ex-patients decided to document her whole experience in a blog. Entitled French Knees, it spans a four-month period in which our patient begins her journey with France Surgery and ultimately ends up with a brand new knee. One of the most poignant posts is this one right at the start of the blog. It outlines the torrid time our patient had with her left knee after a nasty boating accident. Following numerous visits to various specialists the solution was clear: a total knee replacement was needed. But in her native Canada this meant a 12-18 month wait, maybe longer – a timeframe that was simply unacceptable because of the pain she was experiencing and the increasing lack of mobility. It was then that one of her daughters who lives in France suggested they explore the possibility of having the procedure performed there. After all, she had heard that France was becoming a popular destination for medical tourists. They promptly investigated the options on a medical tourism website and were recommended to contact us here at France Surgery. This is where their medical journey with us began. To be continued…

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery


It’s amazing how modern technology is assisting and ultimately improving surgical procedures today. It wasn’t that long ago that surgery relied solely on the skills of the surgeon and their team. Today, however, computers are now playing ever more important roles in ensuring that surgery is trouble-free and highly accurate. Knee replacement surgery is just one procedure that is benefitting greatly from the introduction of computer assistance. With the aid of computer technology, surgeons can now carry out knee replacements with unprecedented levels of accuracy and precision. This totally eliminates what may have previously been described as ‘guess work’ by the surgeon and affords a number of benefits for the patient. Studies have shown that knee replacements that are carried out well – perfectly balanced and accurately aligned – last longer. Furthermore, they are said to feel better. Computer assisted knee replacements are very successful because the surgeon can precisely align the patient’s bone and the implant, with a degree of accuracy far greater than the human eye can afford. The end result is a more natural functioning knee replacement which allows for a better range of motion. Additionally, the surgery is performed with fewer, if not zero, errors and the patient’s recovery time is inevitably shortened. If you are considering knee replacement surgery then why not find out if a computer assisted procedure could be right for you. Photo credit: © vschlichting -