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A beginner's guide to medical tourism: how to plan your trip and choose the right provider


Medical tourism can be a great option for those seeking affordable and high-quality healthcare, but it can also be daunting for those who are new to the process. If you're considering medical tourism, it's important to do your research and plan ahead to ensure a safe and successful trip.  Here are some tips for getting started: 1. Determine your healthcare needs Before you start researching medical tourism providers, it's important to have a clear idea of the medical procedures or treatments you require. Consult with your physician to ensure you are a good candidate for traveling abroad for treatment. 2. Research potential destinations and providers  Look into popular medical tourism destinations and the providers that operate there. Consider factors such as the cost of treatment, quality of care, and the reputation of the facility and its doctors. Look for providers who are accredited and have positive patient reviews. [Related reading: Beyond borders: the benefits of having medical treatment abroad] 3. Check your insurance coverage If you have health insurance, check to see if it covers medical treatments abroad. If not, you may need to purchase travel insurance or consider self-insuring for any potential risks. 4. Plan your travel logistics Once you've chosen a provider and destination, you'll need to plan your travel logistics, including transportation, accommodations, and any necessary visas or vaccinations. 5. Prepare for the treatment Before you leave for your medical tourism trip, be sure to prepare yourself for the treatment. Follow any pre-treatment instructions provided by your provider, and pack any necessary medications or supplies. 6. Follow up with post-treatment care After your treatment, it's important to follow up with any post-treatment care instructions provided by your provider. If you experience any complications or have concerns about your recovery, be sure to contact your provider right away. By following these steps, you can help ensure a safe and successful medical tourism trip.  Here at France Surgery, we can take care of many of the aspects mentioned above to ensure your medical procedure here in France is seamless. If you’d like to find out more, contact us today. *Image by Gustavo Fring

Five Benefits of Medical Tourism


In 2014, more than one million Americans are estimated to have sought medical care abroad. The growing ‘medical tourism’ phenomenon affords many benefits to travellers who are in need of a surgical procedure. Here are five for you to consider: World-Class Healthcare Historically, many people associated overseas healthcare with sub-standard hospitals and medical professionals whose training was perhaps not up to western standards. That’s definitely not the case here in France. Our healthcare system is one of the best in the world and every facility is of the highest standard and every medical professional trained to the highest level. Efficient Services Here in France, waiting lists are short. It’s not a case of get referred by your doctor and then wait for an appointment to come through; far from it. We can facilitate medical procedures quickly, efficiently and with minimum stress. This means that you can use the remainder of your stay in France to take in the culture and experience the fantastic tourist attractions. Lower Costs You only need read our piece last year on the story of Bruce Ryan to see the incredible savings that can be realised by undergoing a procedure here in France. Medical insurance often covers the majority, if not all the costs – providing you have it. If you don’t, the lower costs here will definitely be of interest to you. No Bureaucracy The range of insurance options available today – particularly in the U.S. - means that individuals are sometimes enveloped in bureaucracy and terminology. That’s not the case in France and with our help your entire experience will be hassle-free and free from bureaucracy. It’s France! If the four benefits above aren’t quite enough, then what about the fact that you’ll get to see one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Our cuisine, fine wines and rich history are enough to make any international traveller want to stay a lot longer than their surgery allows, unfortunately.

Healthcare Elsewhere Podcast with Carine Hilaire


France Surgery CEO Carine Hilaire was interviewed back in April for the Healthcare Elsewhere Podcast. Since then, the episode has experienced a surge in popularity, being downloaded more than 3,300 times since it was posted. The Healthcare Elsewhere Podcast has one very simple mission: to make the benefits of medical tourism more well-known and educate people across the globe of the opportunities that exist in other countries when it comes to affordable, yet world-class healthcare services. Being interviewed by John Cote was a great opportunity for Carine to highlight the numerous benefits of using France Surgery to coordinate and facilitate a French medical procedure for you. The podcast is just over 30 minutes long and you can listen to it here: Podcast: Listen in New Window | Download [Right click to save as] Key highlights: Hear about the kinds of procedure and surgeries available in France Discover the benefits of travelling to France over other countries for a medical procedure Learn what you can expect in terms of after-care as a France Surgery client Find out more about the facilities and physicians used by France Surgery, including reviews Listen to the story of one American client who saved more than $40,000 on one procedure and then received a refund from his insurance policy The popularity of the Healthcare Elsewhere Podcast can be seen in its daily download rate of more than 4,000! Carine’s episode has so far been listened to by people in more than 75 different countries, with 65% of the audience originating from the US. It has also struck a chord with French residents who account for 15% of the audience numbers. Click here to find out more about how France Surgery can help facilitate an affordable, world-class medical procedure for you.