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Robotic angioplasty at Pasteur Clinic in Toulouse


The Pasteur Clinic has achieved a 1st in Europe   The Pasteur Clinic of Toulouse announces having achieved a European first in the field of cardiology thanks to the robotic pathway. Dr. Jean Fajadet thus performed the first coronary angioplasty in Europe under the assistance of a robot.   In the case of narrowing or occlusion of the arteries, created by deposits of atheromatous plaques, the cardiologist may recommend coronary angioplasty. This procedure consists of positioning a small balloon in the artery at the level of the narrowing or occlusion and inflating it to dilate the stenosis and crush the atheromatous plaque and thus obtain a normal flow in the coronary artery. In general, the following is stent placement, a mini-spring, which prevents the artery to reseal. The Pasteur Clinic has been performing this intervention for more than 30 years in interventional cardiology, percutaneously under local anesthesia.     With the acquisition of the robot (CorPath GRX System® Corindus®), the cardiologist can perform his act via joysticks. The robot is guided from a control room. It allows a great precision of the gesture and the absence of X-ray exposure for the personnel.   The Pasteur Clinic has also invested in a 4th generation da Vinci xi surgical robot for several specialties (urology, gynecology, digestive, thoracic surgery, etc.).   Source: La Depeche 

France Surgery Partner, La Clinique Turin, Installs New da Vinci Xi Surgical Robot


La Clinique Turin, one of France Surgery's partners, becomes one of the first private establishments in the Paris region to install the new da Vinci Xi surgical robot. Dr. Olivier Dumonceau , a urologist surgeon of the La Clinique Turin in Paris, performed the first prostatectomy procedure in a private center in the Paris region using the new da Vinci Xi robot. This new generation of the da Vinci robotic surgical system allows for even more precise gestures for patient safety and helps obtain better intervention results. Surgeons benefit from improved 3D vision and increased movement accuracy with this new generation of surgical robot. Dr Olivier Dumonceau said: "This new generation of surgical robot marks an additional step of technology for the patient and surgeon. Our gestures are even safer, the patient can benefit from more precise surgery. We are now developing ambulatory robotic surgery for interventions that previously required several days of hospitalisation. Patient recovers faster and can leave the hospital quickly and safely. " Dr. Perrine Goyer, a digestive surgeon at the La Clinique Turin, added: "Robotic surgery offers today opportunities for minimally invasive surgery in new areas such as obesity surgery and digestive cancer for the most complex cases." Dr. Ludovic Friederich, gynecologist surgeon at the La Clinique Turin, said: "With this latest generation of machines, robotic surgery opens new perspectives for the treatment of endometriosis in very short stay with lightened suites. In particular, there is a reduction in postoperative pain." "Our development towards minimally invasive surgery and shorter hospital stays is strategic. The replacement of our previous robot with this new technology is a huge step forward. "The possibilities for interventions are now extended to pathologies as diverse as Prostatectomy, endometriosis or digestive surgery with an even higher level of result. The treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis without compromising the quality," said Stéphane Lievain, director of La Clinique Turin. La Clinique Turin carries out some 25,000 interventions per year. It features: 150 practitioners and offers complete care in surgery, medicine, dialysis and imaging (scanner, MRI and interventional radiology). Main specialties: urology, digestive, maxillofacial surgery, cardiology, ENT, orthopedics, vascular, plastic, gastroenterology, gynecology, nephrology. With a leading technical platform, it has 216 beds and places, 16 operating rooms as well as an intensive care unit in cardiology and a monitoring unit in the heart of Paris. It is regularly quoted in the health charts of the press.

Clinique Saint Jean Languedoc, Toulouse


Clinique Saint Jean Languedoc, Toulouse The Hospital is located in Toulouse 25mns away from the airport. Created in 1950, Clinique Saint Jean Languedoc is a private hospital certified by the highest independent French Health authorities HAS. It is conveniently located close to a city park and 20mn away from downtown by public transportation. Total hospital capacity is over 300 beds and many medical and surgical specialities are available on the premises. Activity is organized around specialised excellence medical units among which: Gynaecology Ophthalmology Orthopaedics ORL Urology. The hospital also operates a maternity and has the authorization to perform common surgeries on children under 1 year-old. The anaesthetists’ team is trained to all emergency situations and has developed an expertise in intensive and continuous care, with dedicated wards on the premises. The on-site Consultation Centre houses more than 100 specialist doctors. The clinic offers complete and varied care in medicine and surgery to over 30,000 patients a year.  It is mostly specialized in surgery performed in its 24 operating rooms. Its emergency service is open 24/7 and treats over 10 000 patients a year. To be able to provide the best available care to One’s specific needs the hospital offers, on the same premises: Up-to-date exploration techniques (MRI, scanner, coronarography), and low invasive surgical treatment equipment. Complementary medical treatments such as the chemotherapy or lithotripsy. State-of-the art surgical equipment (video surgery, blood recuperation, ultrasound or thermofusion blades, Doppler-assisted surgery, Da Vinci robot…) allowing surgeons to extensively use low invasive techniques.  The goal is to help the Patient feel less pain and recover faster. The clinic was rated “A” (best grade) for: Infection prevention and hygiene Pain monitoring by the French Health Ministry in 2010.

Clinique Saint-Augustin


Clinique Saint-Augustin, Nantes Clinique Saint Augustin is a private health institution, located in the heart of the city of Nantes. Created by the Augustinian Sisters in 1874, it now belongs to Vedici Group. The clinic features an innovative technical platform and disposes of a team of recognized experts who share strong values. The medical-surgical clinic offers the following specialties: Anaesthesia - Resuscitation General and Digestive Surgery Gastroenterology Proctology Urological surgery Vascular and Thoracic Surgery Pneumonology Orthopaedic Surgery Oto-Rhino-Laryngology Ophthalmic surgery Dentistry Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery Key figures Surgical beds 137 Monitoring units 14 Hospital beds 17 Palliative care beds 4 Ambulatory places 19 Operating rooms 13 Endoscopy rooms 3 Post-operating monitoring rooms 2 The effectiveness of care provided at the clinic Saint Augustine rests, first and foremost, on the competence of the medical and nursing teams, their training and experience. It also relies on an innovative technical platform with advanced technological equipment with Da Vinci robot used since 2010 for the treatment of prostate cancer and kidney cancer.