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Union Clinic team uses Augmented Reality during knee surgery in France first


The knee surgery team at the Union Clinic in Toulouse has just acquired state-of-the-art equipment which models a patient’s knee in 3D, reproducing its movements and ligament tension during the process. The Augmented Reality (AR) technology, called the NextAR platform, helps surgeons adapt the position of the prosthesis to a closed, static joint. Using the NextAR platform and AR glasses, surgeons can benefit from an image and data modeling of the ligament tension of the patient’s knee, when in, thanks to sensors placed on the tibia and the femur. Such a setup allows the surgeons to better marry the prosthesis with the patient’s anatomy. Because the resulting prosthesis is more precise, the patient’s recovery is faster and less painful, meaning they are able to use their new knee sooner. Furthermore, the more precise matching is expected to extend the lifespan of the prosthesis, allowing the patient to benefit from it longer. The knee surgery team at the Union Clinic comprises Drs. De Ladoucette, Benzaquen, Chemama and Chapuis. Drs. Chemama and Benzaquen performed the first-ever augmented reality knee surgery using the NextAr platform on June 28, 2021. *Image by v-a-n-3-ss-a from Pixabay