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France Surgery Treatment Centre Locations


The World Health Organisation have ranked the French Healthcare System are number 1 in the world. If you choose France Surgery to take care of your medical needs this means that you will be receiving treatment within the best healthcare system the world has to offer with highly skilled doctors and surgeons to ensure your procedures run smoothly. France Surgery does not just offer excellent quality medical treatment and care it also offers convenience. With clinics in more than 33 locations throughout France if you are a resident then you will never have to travel too far to find your local clinic. If you are an international visitor who is choosing a medical tourism package then France Surgery really has made sure you have an excellent choice. Whether you would like your recovery to be in the romantic surroundings of Paris, or you would like to paddle your way through your recovery time in the Mediterranean Sea off the South-East coast in Nice, France Surgery has made these options realities. With so many places to choose from and packages which can include time for you to take in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy the climate that France has to offer, France Surgery is the sensible choice. Photo Credit: France Surgery

Centre For Robotic Surgery: Facts about Enlarged Prostate Gland – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia


Centre For Robotic Surgery: Facts about Enlarged Prostate Gland – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasiacentreforroboticsurgery: Prostate Cancer The prostate is a male reproductive gland that yields the liquefied that transmits sperm during ejaculation. It environs the urethra, the pipe through which urine passes out of the body. The prostate gland (just called prostate from now on) is found only in men. It lies…

Gastric Bypass Surgery in France – the facts that you need to know


There is a great deal of information to understand before deciding on whether to have gastric bypass surgery. However, knowing a few facts will help you decide if gastric bypass surgery is for you and whether France is the best place for your surgery to take place. Gastric bypass surgery is a very common procedure performed for the purpose of weight loss. The way in which this is achieved is to reduce the size of the stomach by up to 90% and to bypass part of the digestive system so that less food is absorbed.  In France this procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic and in most cases by laparoscopy, which leaves fewer scars and generally heals quicker than any alternative. The length of time the operation takes is approximately 2-3 hours and recovery time in hospital is usually between 4-8 days, possibly up to 2 weeks for procedures with no complications.  In terms of weight loss, gastric bypass surgery in France is a very successful procedure. On average, patients of French Surgeons experience loss in the region of 70 – 75% of excess weight. There are many options in France for both citizens and international visitors to achieve dramatic weight loss by accessing gastric bypass surgery in a safe, clinical and regulated environment. Photo Credit: © France Surgery

A Guide to Gastric Band Weight Loss Surgery


There are many types of surgery which are designed to facilitate weight loss. Gastric band weight loss surgery, or gastric banding, is a popular and successful choice.  The surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic and usually by a laparoscopic procedure, meaning fewer scars and quicker healing time. On average the surgery takes approximately an hour to complete. A surgeon fits a gastric band onto the patient’s stomach which leaves a small pouch available for food to enter. This means that when the patient eats, they feel full quicker than before the surgery and stop eating sooner. Less food consumption means less weight.  The gastric band is fully adjustable after the surgery by passing saline solution through access ports and inflating the band to the required size. Patients can often have the gastric band adjusted for up to 2 years after the procedure has been carried out to ensure that the gastric band remains effective. Gastric banding is an effective procedure for weight loss with average losses of 40-60% of excess weight achieved by French surgeons.  When thinking about weight loss surgery, gastric banding should be considered for the fact that it is a relatively simple and quick procedure, with only a few days of recovery time and excellent weight loss results. Photo Credit: © J Evans -