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Le Tour de France


What’s the one sporting event that springs to mind when you think of France? Le Tour de France – right? Thought so! Le Tour de France is world renowned. It’s by far the greatest cycling event, if not sporting event, in the calendar year, for its test of endurance, stamina, fitness and both physical and mental ability. And whilst the 2014 event starts in the UK, there’s no better place to see it than in its home country of France. The atmosphere, excitement and sheer thrill of watching around 200 cyclists whizz past is most definitely worth the trip. Starting in Yorkshire on Saturday 5th July, Stage 1 and Stage 2 remain in the UK. Stage 3 starts in Cambridge before heading over to France, with Stage 21 finishing in Paris on Sunday 27th July. Covering a total distance of 3,656 kilometres and tackling 5 hill stages and 6 mountain stages, 5 of those with altitude finishes, it’s no wonder it’s seen as the world’s greatest endurance race. So don’t just be one of the 3 billion people watching it through a TV screen, come to France and experience this momentous event live. See you there! Photo credit: Le Tour De France FB Page

Tips for staying healthy this summer


With summer almost upon us, and many parts of Europe already experiencing beautiful warm weather, it’s important to remember that your body is more likely to use the important nutrients it stores to remain at optimum health. So follow this brief guide to make sure you feel at your best during the summer months: 1. Drink plenty of water. This is particularly important if you’re in an extreme hot climate at any point. Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol as these will only make you dehydrate which can lead to loss of strength and stamina, and in severe cases it can affect your kidney function resulting in painful kidney stones. 2. Eat raw foods. Summertime brings an abundance of superb fresh produce ready to pick from the tree or ground – or buy from the super market! But wherever you get it, make your mealtimes as colourful as possible. And the less you cook this fresh produce, the better it is foryour health. Your body will take all the goodness and nutrients on offer to help revitalise and energise you. 3. Get active outdoors. Ditch the gym membership and get outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and vitamin D. Both will invigorate your body and help clear your mind from your everyday stresses and worries. Of course, if you are unwell during this time and need a consultation or treatment, contact ourInternational Patient Services team who are on hand to make your medical plan easier. Photo credit: © vinzoun -

Recover from Surgery in Le Mans


Le Mans is probably best known for motorsport. Each June it is host to the endurance race: 24-heures du Mans where drivers and cars are tested to the limits in race of stamina and survival. But Le Mans is more than just motorsport. Set in the heart of the Pays de la Loire, capital of the Sarthe department, Le Mans has captured the hearts of movie directors worldwide. Many well-known films have been shot here including The Man in the Iron Mask, The Three Musketeers and Cyrano de Bergerac. And it’s not surprising why. Being the same size as Lyon but with only one sixth of Lyon’s population, Le Mans is rich in history and space making it a relaxing and enjoyable city to spend a weekend, a week or even longer visiting. If you’re recovering from surgery here, this historic city offers a wide range of activities depending on your capabilities: from wandering the cobbled streets of Vieux Mans with its beautiful 15thCentury timbered houses, to relaxing in the wide open green space of the Jardin des Plantesenticing everyone from families to horticulturists. Or get out of the city and the landscape surrounding Le Mans is stunning. Rolling hills, quaint villages, meandering rivers, chateaux’s and world famous vineyards. Whatever your preference, Le Mans will provide. Contact our International Patients Services team to discuss your healthcare needs. We’re here to help. Photo credits: Flickr, Office de Tourisme du Mans (FB Page)

The Nice Jazz Festival - July


If you’re considering, or require, health treatment or surgery within the next couple of months, you may decide to choose the month of July at our clinic in Nice to take advantage of recovery during the Nice Jazz Festival. This annual festival is renowned by many, including Frommers, for being the “biggest, flashiest, and most prestigious jazz festival in Europe”. It begins on Tuesday 8th July and lasts for five fantastic days of jazz, soul, funk, pop and world music. Something to suit everyone! Since its beginning in 1948, the Nice Jazz Festival has seen the likes of Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Lionel Hampton, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis perform on its stages. This year the line-up consists of 10-time Grammy winner George Benson, Ben Harper, Esperanza Spalding and legends Earth, Wind & Fire amongst others. So why not speak to our International Patient Services team about your healthcare needs at our clinic in Nice, to ensure you make the most of this popular musical event. Photo credit: Flickr

The best time of year to visit France for surgery


France is a year–round destination that attracts a steady flow of visitors throughout the four seasons of the year. But if that’s the case, when is the best time to travel there for surgery? Well, the summer months are inevitably the most popular and afford the warmest weather. However, the low seasons draw fewer crowds and, therefore, can be a more pleasant time to visit; especially for surgery with its inevitable recovery period. Weather As we’ve said, summer months in France offer the warmest weather, but the country actually enjoys a pleasant and relatively temperate climate all year. Certain regions have their own microclimates, which can cause temperature fluctuations from town to town. For example, an oceanic climate with high humidity is afforded on the Atlantic and Channel coasts, while Paris and the central regions have an intermediate climate with relatively warm summers and cold winters. The south of France, as everyone knows, enjoys a Mediterranean climate that sometimes allows for super-hot summers and calm winters. Crowds School holidays and warm weather mean that May to September is often the busiest time to visit France. Remember though, that France has a reputation for romance and Paris in particular sees a large influx of visitors on and around Valentine’s Day. Two notable French sporting events that attract large numbers of visitors are the Tour De Franceand French Open tennis championships that are held in July and May to June respectively. Furthermore, the Paris Auto Show often entices huge numbers of car enthusiasts. The event, that takes place in October each year, is the pinnacle of the French automobile calendar and gives manufacturers an international audience to which to showcase their unique styles to. France really is a year-round destination, so anytime you are thinking of travelling there for surgery will be fine. However, it’s also worth noting that many small shops and restaurants in Paris and elsewhere, for that matter, often close for part or all of August, when residents take their yearly holidays. Remember though that large crowds may not be the perfect post-surgery prescription, so choose your dates with that in mind. Photo credit: Flickr

Foods that heal: optimise your nutrition following surgery


Many people follow strict eating regimes before any surgery, be it minor or major. However, few people realise that what you eat after surgery is just as important. This is because surgery is a major trauma on our bodies and as such, they have to significantly repair themselves following any surgical procedure. This is why it’s vital that you give your body everything it needs during this crucial healing stage. Many people think that because they will inevitably be inactive following surgery they should reduce their calorie intake. The opposite, however, is often true and post-surgery patients need additional essential calories and nutrients to facilitate the reparation process. Protein It’s important that you follow a balanced diet after surgery, but one of the key components of this has to be protein. Muscles are often damaged or disturbed during surgery and need protein in order to heal. That’s why it’s important to fill your diet with foods like poultry, meat, fish, eggs, yogurt, cheese, beans and nuts. Alternatively, you can use protein supplements to boost your intake and aid the muscle healing process. Vitamins Furthermore, there are a number of vitamins that are vital for the healing process. For example, vitamin C aids in soft tissue repair and vitamin E is important in antioxidant defence. Some individuals may be prescribed vitamin supplements by their medical professional, but the best source, of course, is from food. Almonds, wheat germ, peanuts, sunflower seeds and plant oils are all loaded with vitamin E, while strawberries, citrus fruits, kiwi, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and bell peppers contain high levels of vitamin C. Whatever your surgery, it’s important that you don’t shy away from food. The surgeons have done their bit and now it’s time for you to do yours. Photo credit: © NOBU -

France Surgery: Getting Social in China


Branching outside of our European confines, France Surgery have recently moved into the Chinese social media scene with profiles and activity on QQ and Weibo. China has an internet usage population of 591 million, so it’s no surprise that we see the benefit of getting social in this growing market. Both QQ and Weibo are comparable to Facebook and Google+, with users growing daily. We enjoy interacting with their users who are keen to find out more about France Surgery and our range of services. If you’re active on either one of these sites, connect with us! We’d love to hear from you and most importantly give you access to all our latest news and articles. Look forward to connecting with you soon!

France Lab: Test Analysis & Results


France Surgery is proud to offer a first class service for analysing test samples and providing results with the greatest of accuracy. We manage this from our ultra-modern laboratory in Southern France working with a highly skilled and experienced multi-disciplinary team medical professionals. Our medical office staff and capable logistics company handle the procedure of collecting, handling and managing sensitive medical packages within strict guidelines and with the highest level of proficiency, so as not to damage the accuracy of the results guaranteed by us. Depending on the analysis, results will be ready between one and five days from receiving the sample in our lab. These results will be submitted via our online secure platform, ensuring all data remains highly confidential and can be accessed only by the patient and consulting doctor. We understand our patients’ changing needs, so continually develop our services to provide trusted and beneficial healthcare to everyone. Contact us today for more information about France Lab.

Introducing France Surgery’s Laboratory: France Lab


A new addition to the already wide range of healthcare services that France Surgery provide isFrance Lab. Collaborating with the largest and one of the most modern hi-tech laboratories in France, we can provide precise, high quality analysis working with a multi-disciplinary team consisting of biologists, controllers, technicians, metrologists, nurses, medical secretaries and couriers. By working with such an experience team and having access to the best equipment, France Lab can often analyse the sample within one day of receiving it. Of course this entirely depends on the required protocol of certain tests. In cases where the test requirements are more in-depth, we can still assure you of receiving results within five days. And for even greater peace of mind, France Surgery have put extreme care measures in place to ensure high accuracy of results by guaranteeing appropriate storage, delivery and handling of samples every step of the way. You can always trust France Lab.

Podcast: Making the French Healthcare Connection with Carine Hilaire →

03/07/2014 On today’s show, we are excited to be speaking with Carine Hilaire. Carine is the CEO of France Surgery, a medical tourism company that helps people get into the French healthcare system. Carine’s organization is a necessary link between patients in search of a medical or surgical solution and highly-experienced French specialists. While providing the highest level of professionalism and exceptional support, France Surgery also works with select insurance providers in the United States and Great Britain. Listen to this episode to find out what you can expect from France Surgery’s services and the incredible French healthcare in general. In This Episode, You’ll Learn What kind of procedures and surgeries people travel to France to receive The benefits of going to France, over other countries, for a medical procedure The type of after-care you can expect as a France Surgery client Where to find reviews of the facilities and physicians available through Carine’s organization The testimonial of an American client who went through a $60,000 hip replacement surgery for $16,000, including his stay expenses in France, and then received a refund from his insurance

France Surgery: Medical Excellence


Unsurprisingly many people come to France for medical care. It is ranked Number One in the world for the best healthcare due, in-part, to our equal access policy which ensures a high standard of care consistency in the services provided throughout the health network. Here are the top reasons France excels when it comes to medical excellence: 1.  The relationship between patients and doctors   Our healthcare system focuses on the importance of developing a patient / doctor relationship which enables a truly personalised treatment plan. Patients are free to choose their doctor as well as their GP, medical specialists and surgeons. Doctors and surgeons pay close attention to the individual wishes and needs of the patient and their family. We are a multicultural country familiar with culture or religious values and requirements. We are innovators in medical technology, leading the way in new advancements for better treatment options. 2. No waiting lists We have a high density hospital network with numerous physicians which ensures a high level of availability for all kinds of procedures, medical treatments and surgery, making waiting lists non-existent or extremely short. More than 2,100 facilities offer care to the population, with the majority of hospitals being multi-disciplinary and familiar with various kinds of pathologies. French & EU patients have access to public or private practice with the same remuneration rights. 3. The healthcare system is available to international patients. We believe that everyone should benefit from our high level of medical care and to our top medical practitioners. It is therefore a system open to all. 4. Medical costs are set, no hidden costs. Treatment costs and any remuneration may vary depending on the patient status and citizenship, however rates for hospital stays are fixed by the French government. Rates are the same all over the French territory as long as the facility is subsidised and certified by the health administration. Photo credit: Copyright France Surgery

France Surgery: Providing Elite Medical Services


France Surgery is dedicated toward providing an elite medical service to all our patients. We work with top clinics and hospitals country-wide ensuring that our high standard of care is provided before, during and after each treatment. Our International Patients Service truly excel in working hard for you to locate the right medical location, the right medical team and meet your individual requirements to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We create a medical agenda tailored to your specific needs so you understand the process every step of the way. This includes: Connecting with a highly experienced medical team Pre-travel medical consultation Pre- and Post-treatment coordination & consultations Treatment scheduling and appointment coordination Full administrative assistance and support From the moment you choose France Surgery to take care of your medical needs, you can be assured of a first class service all the way. Contact our team today and let us make your medical treatment organisation easy.

Recover from Surgery in Charente-Maritime


This stunning region of France is probably best known for its miles of sandy beaches, charming French villages, beautiful islands and great weather. In fact, it’s supposedly the second sunniest region of France after the Cote D’Azur! But unlike the Cote D’Azur this area has a much more laid-back vibe. It’s easy to escape the hustle and bustle of the bigger towns for a quieter spot on the coast, or in one of the quaint essential French villages’ further inland. Regarded by many as the prettiest town in France, La Rochelle began as a small fishing village but soon expanded to become an important port in the 13th Century, mainly due to its large trade in wine and salt. Nowadays it’s a lively university town with plenty to see and do. And at certain times of year La Rochelle is host to many large-scale events including Francofolies, the International Film Festival and the Grand Pavois. Just a short distance from La Rochelle connected by a 3km bridge is the charming Ile de Ré. An authentic jewel of an island situated just off the Atlantic coast. Every summer many of the Paris elite head to this little island for sun, sea, sand and to sample the delights of its cuisine. But it’s not all about glamour. With over 100kms of cycle paths, white sandy beaches, and being a bird-lovers paradise, this little island really does cater to all. Of course the Charente-Maritime is not all beach life and wildlife watching. Move inland and you stumble upon village after village filled with white washed buildings, blue shutters and friendly locals. If you’re looking for a region full of sunshine, good food, plenty of activities and beautiful scenery, the Charente-Maritime could be the perfect location to help you recover after surgery.  

Visit France in the Summer


France is one of the most seductive countries in the world and allures travellers from all over the globe with its promises of total diversity. In fact, France is often lauded as the most diverse country in Europe and it’s not difficult to see why. After all, where else can you find celebrated mountains, some of the finest coastline on the continent and everything else in-between? In addition, 28 per cent of France is still covered in forest! A fact that will resonate with anyone who has been there previously and enjoyed some of the sparsely-populated villages that remain complete unto themselves – in other words, they’ve not bowed down to modern influences and haven’t become mere extensions of the inevitable urban sprawl that is often found in many other countries. All of this diversity coupled with the frozen in time picturesqueness of French villages, means that marked regional identities are retained even today. Looking for some inspiration? Check out the Top 25 Tourist Destinations in the Midi-Pyrénées video on our website, which is guaranteed to give you a fantastic insight into some of the region’s very best locations. But being a year-round destination, France enjoys a steady flow of visitors regardless of the season. However, it’s the summer months that often attract the most people and anyone fortunate enough to visit France at this time will be astonished by the sheer number of festivals that the country boasts. There are far too many great festivals to give an overview of them all, so instead we’ve compiled a short list that features three of our favourites. Enjoy… Festival d'Avignon With its roots in the city of Avignon, the Festival d'Avignon, or Avignon Festival, takes place annually in July and has done so since 1947. That’s the year when Jean Vilar founded this exuberant celebration of performing arts – now one of the biggest in the world. Predominantly set in the courtyard of the Pope’s Palace, the Festival d'Avignon plays host to some 3,500 performing arts professionals from around the world. In fact, the festival has become such a popular annual event that it has spawned an unofficial sibling festival, known as the ‘off’, which sees numerous companies performing various works on their own initiative. Carcassonne Festival A must for music lovers, the Carcassonne Festival is held every year from June to August and features some 100 concerts that showcase French and international music talent alike. Past performers include Diana Ross, Supertramp and Bob Dylan. However, the festival also sees live theatre shows, circus, dance and opera all on offer for the crowds to enjoy. This year’s festival will welcome acclaimed international stars like Elton John, the Jacksons and Franz Ferdinand. It really is a wonderful celebration of music from around the world and should definitely be a consideration for anyone travelling to France over the summer. Fêtes de Bayonne As it’s the largest festival in France, the Fêtes de Bayonne was always going to feature on our list. This annual event attracts more than a million visitors each year and is kicked off by the festival’s mascot King Leon. The keys to the city are tossed from the town hall balcony by the king, much to the delight of the massed crowd below. This action signals the start of five days and nights of non-stop partying. It’s not just a party atmosphere though as the Fêtes de Bayonne’s diverse nature means that there is literally something for everyone. Carnival-esque parades, nightly concerts, firework displays and giants roaming the streets are just some of the highlights. Did we mention the two official bullfights that take place in the city’s bullring? There really is no better time to visit France and experience some of the world’s best festivals than summer. Furthermore, July 14 is Bastille Day – the French national holiday and another significant event in the French calendar. Photo credits: Flickr

Highest Quality Standard


And what about French quality standards : The entire healthcare system is regulated by government The majority of specialty activities are submitted to government authorisation, regarding equipment and qualification of medical teams such as for surgery, cancer treatment, interventional cardiology and many others. Regular assessment is operated by French Ministry of Health. The results of physicians practice, procedure numbers, morbidity ,complications are monitored and assessed. All facilities are certified every 3 years by the High Authority of Health – HAS with public access to findings and conclusions. Risk management and quality are a main preoccupation and the proof of this policy is mandatory in the certification process. One of the main concerns about Medical Travel is the control of Health Care associated infection. The French HAS publish annual results and statistics for every hospital in France, data is made public and may be viewed on the French HAS Web Site. All data is validated by European centre for disease prevention and control. Public and private hospitals are of course liability insured for International patients. All physicians need to register with the French Medical Council. Depending on their diplomas and degree course, the French Medical Council authorises the practice of a speciality within strict guidelines. The particular aspect of liability in private practice imply that French doctors have to be a graduate in France, otherwise they cannot obtain insurance against Malpractice. French medical graduation is one of the most famous and is very demanding. The level of training is very high, with at least six years for general medicine, five more years of residency to qualify as a medical specialist and at least 3 more years for a Surgeon. All professionals have a personal professional liability insurance with very high coverage standards. Subscription to this insurance is mandatory to join any hospital or medical team. An essential requirement is made to continuous medical education. France has a very ancient culture of CME to adapt practices to progress and to advance new technologies. So all physicians are really up to date in their technique and practice. State regulation and regional competition have led to very homogeneous standards all over the territory. The same quality of care may be found from Britain to Italian borders. Pluridisciplinary facilities are mainly very modern and fully equipped responding to the highest standards of certification.



NOS SERVICES Notre service d’assistance pour les patients internationaux est disponible pour vous mettre en relation avec un réseau d'établissements de santé en France, des agences de voyage, hôtels, chambres d'hôtes, des ambulances ... Notre équipe prends en compte l'ensemble de vos besoins spécifiques médicaux, religieux et culturelles pour vous proposer une organisation sur mesure. RENDEZ VOUS/ AVIS MEDICAL Pour les résidents étrangers vivant en France: mise en relation avec des meilleurs spécialistes français et programmation d'un rendez-vous: Dites-nous simplement où et quand! AGENDA MEDICAL Mise en relation avec des équipes médicales expérimentées Avis médical Coordination de vos examens et consultations pré et postopératoires Organisation de votre hospitalisation Assistance administrative Premium ASSISTANCE Avant votre départ : Mise en relation avec des équipes médicales expérimentées Avis médical Coordination de vos examens et consultations pré et postopératoires Organisation de votre hospitalisation Assistance administrative Transferts aéroport/clinique Hospitalisation : Consultations avec le chirurgien et l'anesthésiste Acte chirurgical/ traitement médical Médication post - opératoire 1 consultation de contrôle post opératoire Séjour à la clinique ou à l'hôpital dans une chambre seule classique Pack confort : Chambre seule, WIFI, journaux, TV, peignoir, trousse de toilette Service d'accompagnement bilingue (check in / out, consultations, examens, visites quotidiennes) Soins postopératoires Assistance pour l'organisation de vos soins postopératoires en France. SEJOUR DE CONVALESCENCE / REEDUCATION Organisation de votre séjour postopératoire et les soins postopératoires en France. ASSISTANCE ADMINISTRATIVE VOYAGE France Surgery propose de vous assister dans vos démarches administratives pour l’organisation de votre voyage vers la France : obtention d'un visa ...

Request an Appointment / Medical Opinion


REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT / MEDICAL OPINION If you want to apply for an appointment or an operation date, you have first to get a medical opinion. Just click on the icon and you will be redirected to our secure platform. Fill in the enquiry about personal data Describe your symptoms and fill in the following questionnaire very carefully Send your medical data in a totally confidential way through our secure platform. In a few days, your medical record will be investigated by a medical team according to your requests and choices, We’ll then send you a medical report with your treatment/surgery proposition and a detailed and all-inclusive estimate.

Free Registration


FREE REGISTRATION If you wish to trust your treatment plan to an experienced health concierge who can guarantee the best medical professionals, safety and comfort for you and relatives accompanying you to France, simply click the icon and fill in the form for basic requirements. OUR FREE SURGERY SERVICES Choose a surgery or a treatment. The France Surgery team will come back to you within 24 to 48 hrs, either by e-mail or by telephone, to give you, free of charge and commitment-free all the information that you need to help you make your decision: medical procedures, time frames, situation, approximate price estimate, etc... DIRECT ACCESS TO FRENCH SPECIALISTS Thanks to this free registration, you will also have a direct access to French specialists by creating your secure medical record: fill in the pre-diagnostic questionnaire intended for your surgeon or doctor and send him/her your medical imaging. The detailed cost of your treatment/surgery will be determined with your hospital after full analysis of your medical file. If you are unable to obtain these documents in digital format, please contact our International patient service on +33 (0)9 53 02 03 09.

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What is weight loss surgery about? Obesity is a chronic disease. It can lead to difficulties in everyday life. It may also be affecting your general health and cause diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, sleep apnoea ... Obesity surgery, often referred to as bariatric surgery, has been developed to help you lose weight permanently and control the diseases caused by obesity. However, to have surgery is an important decision and should only be made once all alternatives have been assessed. The Hospitals and clinics that are partners with France SURGERY are all recognised European Centres of Excellence in bariatric surgery by the EAC-BS European Accreditation Council for Bariatric Surgery.

Hôpital Privé d'Oxford


Hôpital Privé d'Oxford This hospital is renowned throughout France for its superb facilities and equipment, benefitting for very top national rankings.All major medical and surgical specialities are practiced, including ophthalmology, hand surgery, orthopaedic surgery, coeliosurgery, vascular surgery,urology, ENT and plastic surgery. You can be sure that you will be looked after by highly trained professional staff who understand the needs and comfort of the patient, ensuring a stay that is as stress-free as possible.The hospital is as clean as you’d expect from one of the world’s leading countries in healthcare and many of the rooms have beautiful views, especially in Cannes where over 50% of the rooms have a sea view, transforming your experience of what a stay in hospital is like. The hospital Oxford-Cannes is consistently invested in to make sure that state-of-the-art equipment is available to give the doctors the very best information and also ensure that you have access to many of the latest surgical procedures. If you are looking for the very best medical care in an excellent recovery environment with sun 90% of the year, this private hospital could be the ideal place for your procedure.In addition, Nice benefits from an international airport. Facilities specialties: CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE IN OUR HEALTH CARE ESTABLISHMENTS ON THE CÔTE D’AZURMedical and surgical ophthalmology (No. 1 in the Maritime Alps)• Orthopaedic surgery and Hand Surgery (No. 1 in the Maritime Alps)• Coeliosurgery, diagnostic and interventional gastroenterology, abdominal surgery• ENT surgery• Plastic surgery• Urology• Hand Emergencies: 7 days/week and 24 hours/day

Check Up Center


Which Check-up? For who? When? An unhealthy lifestyle can have an impact on your general health. After 40 - 45, the risks of cardiovascular diseases and cancers increase. Advanced examinations will therefore target these conditions. French hospitals propose standard and customised check ups adapted to each patient using the latest in preventive medicine and early diagnosis techniques.



Diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the kidneys, male reproductive system and urinary system. Robotic (DA VINCI) prostatectomy, stress urinary incontinence, Transuretral Resection of the Prostate (TURP), Ureteroscopic Stone Removal, Green Laser (PVP), Lithotrity …



THYROIDECTOMY What is a Thyroidectomy? The thyroid is an endocrine gland which produces hormones controlling different bodies’ functions. To some extent it can be compared to the body’s general thermostat: When over performing, it triggers pulse acceleration, bowel movement acceleration, weight loss, excitation and aggressiveness. When Under performing, it triggers pulse slowdown, constipation, weight increase, Memory troubles and dépression signs. The thyroid gland can suffer from minor disease or cancer. Up to 10% of people may suffer from a minor thyroid disease (goitre, nodule, hypo or hyperthyroidism) Cancer represents 10 to 12 % of thyroid’s tumour, which explains complete screening prior of deciding for a surgery. Prognostic is very good in more than 90% of cases. The surgery called “thyroidectomy” is performed under general anaesthesia. It consists in removing part or all of the thyroid gland. Incision is done in the neck’s fold to hide the scar as much as possible. If a cancer is suspected, an anatomo-pathologist doctor present during surgery will perform an immediate preliminary analysis of the removed nodule which will help the surgeon decide if a total gland removal is required, reducing the risk to have to perform another surgery later on. If it only is a toxic nodule (e.g. which over produces hormones), only half of thyroid removal will be necessary.



MEDICAL EXCELLENCE FRENCH HEALTHCARE SYSTEM It is one of the highest ranked health systems in the world and often the first in terms of population health level and infrastructures. This system is patient centered with a policy of equal access for all citizens which ensures a high standard of care and consistency in the services provided across the health facilities Network. PATIENTS-DOCTORS RELATIONSHIPS System focused on the Patient-Doctor relationship with a strong personalisation of care protocols. Patients are free to choose their doctor as well as their General Practitioner and Medical specialists or Surgeons. Doctors and surgeons pay attention to the particular wishes and needs of the patient and their family. France is already a multicultural country familiar with and committed to respecting everyone, regardless of culture and religion. France is innovative and leading the way in terms of advanced medical technologies. NO WAITING LIST The high density hospital network and the large number of physicians ensures a high availability level for all kinds of procedures, medical treatments andsurgery, there’s usually no or very short waiting lists. More than 2100 facilities offer care to the population, with the majority of hospitals being multi-disciplinary and familiar with various kinds of pathologies. Access to public or private practice is the same in terms of refunding healthcare costs for French patients and all European union Citizens. SYSTEM OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS The French Healthcare System is open to International patients. Many foreign residents and medical travellers are already taking advantage of excellent health facilities all over France... MEDICAL EXPENSES Payment or refunding may vary depending on the patient status and citizenship, however rates for hospital stays are fixed by the French government. Rates are the same all over the French territory as long as the facility is subsidised and certified by the health administration. Everybody has heard about the French « way of life », luxury, wine and fashion, but who really knows the French Healthcare System ? We frequently hear very good feedback about the healthcare system, however it seems that foreign people view it as a closed system, reserved for the French population and not easily accessible. It is difficult to obtain information about the most renowned medical teams andthe most effective healthcare facilities. No publication or ranking is easily accessible from a foreign country and especially in a foreign language. When discussing one’s own medical case, one has to ask the question of data confidentiality and security, and it’s impossible to know if the required travel is possible, if the considered procedure is conceivable and what the level of at no risk ? How to avoid a last minute cancellation ? And finally consideration for the logistics in a foreign country, communication in another language, even though the majority of French healthcare professionals speak and understand English…  



ONCOLOGY AND HAEMATOLOGY PERSONALISED CARE ADHERING TO THE LATEST CANCER TREATMENTS PROTOCOLS The medical team that supports you is made up of internationally renowned healthcare professionals from different areas of specialty. They work within the health care facility where you receive your treatment and in connection with your doctors. Your support is comprehensive and includes care and additional support you may need during and after your treatment (psychological, fatigue management, advice on your diet ...). Cancer Screening and Early Detection Screening is a process that aims to identify, at the earliest and in the absence of symptoms, lesions that may be cancerous or develop into cancer. The value of screening is that cancer can be detected earlier, patients can be provided with better care and the impact of treatment is reduced. For all requests, you must first send us a completed medical record via our secure platform as well as your medical history. This will allow us to put you in touch with the best French specialists who can discuss the treatments options suitable for you. Incomplete or unreadable medical documents will not be accepted. Choose an institution To be allowed to treat cancer, French healthcare institutions have to meet a number of conditions that are a guarantee that you to be well supported. You are free to choose the institution where you want to be treated.



I NOSTRI SERVIZI Il nostro servizio d'assistenza per i pazienti internazionali è a vostra disposizione per connettervi alla nostra rete di strutture sanitarie francesi, ambulanze, agenzie di viaggio, hotels, camere in affitto... La nostra squadra si farà carico di tutti i vostri bisogni in ambito medico, religioso e culturale per potervi offrire una organizzazione su misura. APPUNTAMENTI Per i pazienti stranieri, residenti in Francia: contatti con i migliori specialisti francesi e programmazione di appuntamenti. Diteci solamente dove e quando! AGENDA MEDICA Contatti con equipe mediche d'esperienza Parere medico Coordinazione dei vostri esami e delle visite pre e post operatorie Organizzazione della vostra degenza Assistenza amministrativa ASSISTENZA premium Prima della vostra partenza: Contatti con equipe mediche di comprovata esperienza Parere medico Coordinazione dei vostri esami e delle visite pre e post operatorie Organizzazione della vostra degenza Assistenza amministrativa Trasferimento aereoporto-clinica In ospedale: Consultazioni con chirurgo e anestesist, Operazione/trattamento sanitari, Medicazione post-operatori, 1 visita di controllo post-operatori, Soggiorno, nella clinica o nell'ospedale, in una camera singol, Pacchetto confort: Camera singola,wifi, quotidiani, TV, accappatoio, trousse da bagno Servizio d'accomagnamento bilingue (CHECK-IN/OUT, consultazioni, esami, visite quotidiane) Cure posto operatorie Assistenza per l'organizzazione delle vostre cure post-operatorie in Francia SOGGIORNO DI CONVALESCENZA/ RIABILITAZIONE Organizzazione del vostro soggiorno post-operatorio e delle cure riabiliative in Francia. ASSISTENZA AMMINISTRATIVA PER IL VIAGGIO France Surgery vi offre assistenza per l'organizzazione del vostro viaggio in Francia: ottenere un visto...



EXCELLENCE MEDICALE L'OMS a classé le système de santé français n° 1 mondial. Ce classement reflète l'expertise qu'offrent les médecins et chirurgiens aux patients qui sont soignés en France. La France innove et ouvre la voie en matière de technologies médicales de pointe. Le système de santé français est un savant mélange d’acteurs publics et privés (prestataires, assureurs). L’assurance maladie, financée par les contributions des salariés et des employeurs mais aussi par les taxes est obligatoire. Elle couvre presque toute la population, la complémentaire santé privée est, elle, facultative. Le système de santé français a atteint son objectif en couvrant tout le territoire et en permettant l’accès aux soins sans liste d’attente, le choix et la satisfaction de tous les patients. LE SYSTÈME DE SANTÉ FRANÇAIS Ce système est centré sur la relation médecin-patient avec une forte personnalisation des protocoles de soins. Les patients sont libres de choisir leur médecin ainsi que leurs spécialistes. Avec un réseau d’établissements de santé très dense, un grand nombre de médecins assurent un niveau de disponibilité élevé pour toutes sortes de traitements médicaux et de chirurgies : il n’y a généralement que peu voire pas de liste d'attente. Plus de 2100 établissements de santé sont recensés, la majorité étant multi- disciplinaires et donc familiarisés avec différents types de pathologies. Les tarifs d’hospitalisation sont fixés par le gouvernement français pour tous les établissements qu’ils soient publics ou privés. L'accès aux établissements publics ou privées est le même en termes de coûts de santé et de remboursement pour les patients français et tous les citoyens de l'Union européenne. La Haute Autorité de Santé française (organisme d’Etat accrédité par l’ISQUIA) émet de très hautes exigences de qualité de soins auxquels les établissements de santé français doivent se conformer pour être accrédités. DES CLINIQUES ET HOPITAUX TRÈS PERFORMANTS Cliniques et hôpitaux à la pointe des techniques de soin et des technologies médicales qui offrent le maximum de sécurité, évalués et accrédités par la Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS). Ils offrent également d'excellentes conditions en termes d'accueil, de confort, d'hygiène, de sécurité et correspondent aux normes européennes. Ces établissements sont tous équipés d'une unité de soins intensifs. Les établissements de santé utilisent des technologies de pointe et travaillent en collaboration avec des chirurgiens de réputation nationale voire internationale. Tous les établissements répondent à la préconisation de surveillance des vecteurs d’infections nosocomiales appelée ICALIN (Indice Composite des Activités de Luttes contre les Infections Nosocomiales) et subissent un classement annuel, publié en ce qui concerne le contrôle des soins infections nosocomiales (Données validées par l'ECDC) CHIRURGIENS, MÉDECINS ET ÉQUIPES SOIGNANTES Chirurgiens et médecins expérimentés, inscrits au Conseil National de l'Ordre des Médecins, qui participent activement au développement et à l'amélioration des compétences dans leurs spécialités médicales au travers d'études cliniques ayant fait l'objet de publications scientifiques en France et à l'international. Inscription obligatoire des praticiens au Conseil National de l'Ordre des Médecins garantit aux patients l'application et le strict respect du Code de la Déontologie Médicale. Tous les médecins des cliniques privées françaises ont obligatoirement obtenu leur diplôme en France. Diplôme de Médecine français est l'un des niveaux de formation médicale les plus élevés au monde. La souscription à une assurance de responsabilité civile professionnelle est obligatoire pour tous les médecins. La formation médicale continue est obligatoire et systématique pour tous les médecins français. L'équipe soignante qui prend en charge le patient se compose : D'un cadre soignant responsable de l'organisation du service et de la qualité des soins. D'infirmier(e)s qui effectuent les soins et assurent 24h/24 la surveillance de votre état de santé. D'aide-soignant(e)s qui répondent aux besoins des patients par leur présence 24h / 24 et par les soins effectués sous la surveillance des infirmier(e)s. D'agents de service hospitalier pour l'entretien et l'hygiène de votre chambre PATIENTS INTERNATIONAUX Mais la question reste à savoir comment accéder au système de santé français? Tout le monde a entendu parler du «mode de vie» à la française, le luxe, le vin et la mode, mais qui connaît vraiment le système de santé français? Même s’il est considéré comme un des meilleurs systèmes au monde, les patients internationaux le considèrent comme un système fermé, réservé à la population française et pas facilement accessible. Il est difficile d'obtenir des informations sur les équipes médicales les plus renommées et les meilleurs établissements de soins. Aucune publication ou classement n’est facilement accessible depuis un pays étranger et surtout dans une langue étrangère. Le système de santé français est pourtant ouvert aux patients internationaux. Beaucoup de résidents étrangers vivant en France et de patients venus de nombreux pays profitent déjà de l'excellence des établissements de santé français…



DESTINO FRANÇA No 2012 a França recebeu 83 milhões de turistas estrangeiros, representado assim o destino turístico mais popular do mundo. Conta com 37 sítios inscritos na Lista do Património Mundial da UNESCO e dispõe de cidades que possuem um grande interesse cultural entre as quais Paris evidentemente, mas também Toulouse, Estrasburgo, Bordeaux, Lyon... Pode-se encontrar praias entre as mais lindas, estações de esqui e regiões rurais muito variadas que muita gente aprecia por sua beleza e sua tranquilidade (turismo verde). Pequenos povos franceses pitorescos promovidos por meio da associação “les Plus beaux villages de France”: ("os mais belos povos de França”). Um selo de qualidade foi também criados para proteger mais de duzentos jardins e parques classificados pelo ministério francês da Cultura. Há lugares, ambientes, paisagens que Você nunca olvidará. E o caso por exemplo de Toulouse, Rocamadour, Conques e o Circo de Gavarnie, quadros  mágicos que são ideais para passar um dia ou mais tempo. A região Midi-Pyrénées conta com uns 25 destinos turísticos iniludíveis porque destacam não somente a história e a beleza da região mas também o seu sentido da hospitalidade. “La Fête de la Musique” /a festa da música Totalmente diferente de um festival de música, a Fête de la Musique é em prioridade uma festa popular, aberta a todos os participantes: músicos aficionados ou profissionais. E um dia consagrado à música que permite a expressão de todos os estilos de música num ambiente alegre. E destinado a um amplo público, para popularizar a criação musical perto dos jovens e mais velhos e de qualquer origem social. E a ocasião de comunicar e compartilhar um momento muito particular a través da música: Todas as clínicas e os hospitais seleccionados estão situados a proximidade dos aeroportos internacionais em cidades que possuem várias atracções culturais e turísticas, para permitir que os pacientes convalescentes e sua família ou amigos descubram novos horizontes...



DESTINO FRANCIA 83 millones de turistas extranjeros acudieron en Francia en 2012, con lo que representa el destino turístico más popular en el mundo. Cuenta con 37 sitios inscritos en la Lista del Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO y dispone de ciudades que poseen un gran interés cultural entre las cuales Paris por supuesto, pero también Toulouse, Estrasburgo, Burdeos, Lyon... Se puede encontrar algunas playas entre las más bellas, estaciones de esquí y regiones rurales muy variadas que mucha gente aprecia por su belleza y su tranquilidad (turismo verde). Pequeños pueblos franceses pintorescos promovidos gracias a la asociación «les Plus beaux villages de France»: ("los más bellos pueblos de Francia”). Un sello de calidad ha sido creado también para proteger más de doscientos jardines y parques clasificados por el ministerio francés de la Cultura. Ha lugares, ambientes, paisajes que nunca olvidará. Es el caso por ejemplo con Toulouse, Rocamadour, Conques y el Circo de Gavarnie, cuadros  mágicos que son perfectos para pasar un día o más tiempo. La región Midi-Pyrénées cuenta con unos 25 destinos turísticos ineludibles porque ponen de relieve no sólo la historia y la belleza de la región sino también su sentido de la hospitalidad. “La Fête de la Musique” /la fiesta de la música Totalmente diferente de un festival de música, la Fête de la Musique es más que nada una fiesta popular, abierta a todos los participantes: músicos aficionados o profesionales. Esta jornada de la música permite la expresión de todos los estilos de música en un ambiente alegre. Está destinada a un amplio público, para popularizar la creación musical acerca de los jóvenes y no tan jóvenes de cualquier origen social. Es la ocasión de comunicar y compartir un momento muy particular a través de la música: Todas las clínicas y los hospitales seleccionados están situados a proximidad de los aeropuertos internacionales en ciudades que poseen varias atracciones culturales y turísticas, para permitir que los pacientes en convalecencia y a su familia o amigos descubran nuevos horizontes...



DESTINAZIONE FRANCE La francia ha attratto 83 milioni di turisti nell'anno 2012, questo la rende la destinazione più popolare al mondo. Nel paese ci sono 37 siti classificati come patrimonio mondiale dall'Unesco, oltre alle sue città di grande interese culturale, Parigi in primis, ma anche Tolosa, Strasburgo, Bordeaux, Lione ... Potrete trovare alcune tra le spiagge più belle, stazioni sciistiche e regioni di campagna molto diverse apprezzate soprattutto per la loro tranquillità e bellezza (turismo ambientale). Alcuni piccoli paesi pittoreschi sono stati classificati e promossi dall'associazione les Plus beaux villages de France. E' stata creata anche una classificazione per proteggere più di duecento tra giardini e parchi presenti sul territorioselezionati dal ministero della Cultura Francese. Non potrete mai dimenticare alcuni luoghi, le atmosfere e i paesaggi. Questo è il caso, per esempio, di Tolosa, Rocamadour, Conques e del Cirque de Gavarnie, posti magici perfetti per una visita di un giorno o per un lungo soggiorno. La regione dei Midi-Pyrénées conta circa 25 destinazioni turistiche indimenticabili che permettono di scoprire non soltanto la storia e la bellezza della regione, ma anche l'innato senso di ospitalità della sua gente. La “Festa della Musica” Completamente diversa da un festival musicale, la festa della musica è prima di tutto una festa popolare, aperta a tutti i partecipanti: musicisti professionisti, dilettanti e amatori. Questa giornata della musica è aperta a tutte le espressioni e gli stili musicali in un atmosfera di festa. E' destinata ad un grande pubblico per diffondere le composizioni musicali sia per i giovani che per i meno giovani di qualsiasi estrazione sociale. Queste caratteristiche creano l'occasione di condividere un momento molto particolare attraverso la musica. Tutte le cliniche e gli ospedali selezionati sono situati vicino ad aereporti internazionali e città che offrono differenti attrazioni di interesse culturale e turistico per permettere ai pazienti in convalescenza o alle loro famiglie e amici di scoprire nuovi orizzonti.



DESTINATION FRANCE France a attiré 83 millions de touristes étrangers en 2012, ce qui en fait la destination touristique la plus populaire dans le monde. Elle compte 37 sites inscrits sur la Liste du patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO et dispose de villes possédant un grand intérêt culturel Paris bien sûr, mais aussi Toulouse, Strasbourg, Bordeaux , Lyon ... Vous pourrez trouver quelques unes parmi les plus belles plages, des stations de ski et des régions rurales très diverses que beaucoup apprécient pour leur beauté et leur tranquillité (tourisme vert). Des petits villages français pittoresques promues par l'association «les Plus beaux villages de France» vers de privilège. Un label a aussi été créé pour protéger plus de deux cents jardins et parcs classés par le ministère français de la Culture. Il y a des endroits, des ambiances, des paysages que vous n'oublierez jamais. C'est le cas par exemple de Toulouse, Rocamadour, Conques et du Cirque de Gavarnie, cadre magique qui sont parfaits pour une journée ou un long séjour. Midi-Pyrénées compte quelques 25 destinations touristiques incontournables car elles mettent en évidence non seulement l'histoire et la beauté de la région mais aussi son sens de l'hospitalité. « La Fête de la Musique » Complètement différent d'un festival de musique, la Fête de la Musique est avant tout une fête populaire, ouverte à tous les participants : musiciens amateurs ou professionnels. Cette journée de la musique permet l'expression de tous les styles de musique dans une atmosphère joyeuse. Il elle est destinée à un large public, pour populariser la création musicale pour les jeunes et moins jeunes de toutes origines sociales. Il elle donne l'occasion de communiquer et de partager un moment très particulier à travers la musique. Toutes les cliniques et les hôpitaux sélectionnés sont situés à proximité d’aéroports internationaux dans des villes qui possèdent diverses attractions culturelles et touristiques, pour permettre aux patients en convalescence et à leur famille ou amis de découvrir de nouveaux horizons ...



DESTINATION FRANCE ENJOY FRANCES MOST IRRESISTIBLE DESTINATIONS France attracted 83 million foreign tourists in 2012, making it the most popular tourist destination in the world. It offers no less than 37 sites inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List and features cities of high cultural interest. Paris being the foremost, but also Toulouse, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Lyon … beaches and seaside resorts, ski resorts, and rural regions that many enjoy for their beauty and tranquillity (green tourism). EXPLORING FRANCE'S MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES Small and picturesque French villages of quality heritage are promoted through the association « les plus beaux villages de France » (litt. "The Most Beautiful Villages of France"). The remarkable Gardens ‘label is a list of over two hundred gardens classified by the French Ministry of Culture. This label is intended to protect and promote remarkable gardens and parks. 25 TOP TOURIST DESTINATIONS IN "MIDI PYRÉNÉES" There are some places, some atmospheres, some landscapes that you will always remember. Villages, towns and attractions that are unexpected discoveries and make you want to come back for more. This is true of Toulouse, Rocamadour, Conques and the Cirque de Gavarnie, magical surroundings that are perfect for a day or a longer stay. Midi-Pyrénées has no fewer than 25 Top Tourist Destinations that are unmissable because they bring out not only the region's history and beauty but also its sense of hospitality.   "LA FÊTE DE LA MUSIQUE" A free and popular event  Completely different from a music festival, the Fête de la Musique is above all a free popular fête, open to any participant (amateur or professional musicians) who wants to perform. This Music day allows the expression of all styles of music in a cheerful atmosphere. It’s aimed at a large audience, working to popularise musical creativity for young and not so young people from all social backgrounds. It gives an opportunity to communicate and share a very special moment through music. HOSPITALS LOCATIONS All selected clinics and hospitals are located near to International airports in cities that have diverse cultural and touristic attractions, allowing recovering patients and their family or friends a place to relax and discover new horizons …



QUEM SOMOS France Surgery é uma plataforma de acesso ao sistema de saúde francês para pacientes internacionais e expatriados. France SURGERY é uma sociedade francesa privada com sede em Toulouse e possui mais de 20 anos de experiência no sector médico francês. Nossa equipe é formada de vários médicos, especialistas e profissionais da saúde. Pomos em contacto o paciente com os especialistas mais adequados e controlamos que a organização de seu tratamento médico ou cirúrgico seja a mais cómoda possível para a maior tranquilidade de Você e de sua família. Pomos nossa experiência ao seu serviço e propomos: A melhor Qualidade de cuidados Os melhores Custos Nos melhores prazos Com uma experiência de mais de 20 anos, no sector médico, a equipe de France Surgery oferece um acesso direito à sua rede de estabelecimentos de saúde e de especialistas de fama internacional sobre todo o território francês. France Surgery – Um guiché único "todo incluído": Informações e conselhos personalizados para que Você possa tomar sua própria decisão Assistência nos processos administrativos Elaboração de orçamentos personalizados Acompanhamento e assistência durante toda sua estada Gestão dos traslados, do alojamento, acolhimento dos pacientes e de seus acompanhantes … Neste âmbito, France Surgery tem seleccionado sua equipe e seus sócios segundo os princípios de um código deontológico e de ética muito estrito. Nossas forças: Propomos a maior plataforma em linha de acesso ao sistema de cuidados francês para pacientes internacionais, com uns 120 estabelecimentos de saúde e mais de 1500 especialistas altamente experimentados a través todo o país ... Acesso direito a especialistas franceses de fama internacional Plataforma segura para o troca de dados médicos: Seu espaço seguro totalmente confidencial permitirá que o cirurgião ou o médico: aceda facilmente ao seu dossier médico: histórico médico, prescrições em curso, radiografias, IRM, grupos e provas de sangue completos… dialogue directamente com Você ou seu médico generalista de modo estritamente confidencial para poder organizar melhor seu tratamento. Uma escolha de centros de excelência integrados por equipes médicas altamente experimentadas segundo um código ético muito estrito da prática médica. Uma avaliação financeira realista e completa antes de sua saída. Um seguimento pós-operatório regular: Envio automático de questionários médicos e scoring para que o cirurgião possa controlar a evolução de sua convalescença, seguimento possível com a plataforma France SURGERY. Você fica em contacto direito com seu médico ainda quando regresse ao seu domicílio: nunca se sentirá só! O que nossos pacientes pensam de nós: clique aqui



QUIENES SOMOS France Surgery es una plataforma de acceso al sistema de salud francés para pacientes internacionales y expatriados. France SURGERY es una sociedad francesa privada con sede en Toulouse y posee más de 20 años de experiencia en el sector médico francés. Nuestro equipo está integrado por varios médicos, especialistas y profesionales de la salud. Le ponemos en contacto con los especialistas más adecuados y velamos por que la organización de su tratamiento médico o quirúrgico sea lo más cómoda posible para su mayor tranquilidad de espíritu y la de su familia. Ponemos nuestra experiencia a su servicio y le proponemos: La mejor Calidad de cuidados A los mejores Costos En los mejores Plazos Con una experiencia de más de 20 años, en la esfera médica, el equipo de France Surgery le brinda un acceso directo a su red de establecimientos de salud y de especialistas de fama internacional sobre todo el territorio francés. France Surgery – Una taquilla única " todo incluido ": Informaciones y consejos personalizados para permitirle tomar su propia decisión Asistencia en los trámites administrativos Elaboración de presupuestos personalizados Acompañamiento y asistencia a lo largo de su estancia Gestión de los traslados, del alojamiento, acogida de los pacientes y de sus acompañantes … En este marco, France Surgery ha elegido a su equipo y a sus socios según los principios de un código deontológico y de ética lo más estricto. Nuestras fuerzas: Proponemos la mayor plataforma en línea de acceso al sistema de cuidados francés para pacientes internacionales, con unos 120 establecimientos de salud y más de 1500 especialistas altamente experimentados a través todo el país ... Acceso directo a especialistas franceses de fama internacional Plataforma segura para el intercambio de datos médicos: Su espacio seguro totalmente confidencial permitirá que el cirujano o el médico: acceda fácilmente a su expediente médico: historial médico, prescripciones en curso, radiografías, IRM, grupos y pruebas de sangre completos… intercambie directamente con Ud. o su médico generalista de modo estrictamente confidencial para poder organizar mejor su tratamiento. Una selección de centros de excelencia integrados por equipos médicos altamente experimentados según un código ético muy estricto de la práctica médica. Una evaluación financiera realista y completa antes de su salida. Un seguimiento postoperatorio regular: Envío automático de cuestionarios médicos y scoring para que el cirujano pueda controlar la evolución de su convalecencia, seguimiento posible gracias a la plataforma France SURGERY. Ud. sigue en contacto directo con su médico incluso cuando regrese a su domicilio: ¡nunca se sentirá solo! Lo que nuestros pacientes piensan de nosotros: haga clic aquí



CHI SIAMO France Surgery è una piattaforma d'accesso al sistema sanitario francese per i pazienti internazionali o gli stranieri che vivono in francia. France Surgery è una società privata con sede a Tolosa ed ha più di 20 anni di esperienza nel settore medico-chirurgico francese. La nostra equipe è composta da medici, specialisti e professionisti della salute. Vi metteremo in contatto con gli specialisti più indicati e vi seguiremo affinchè la pianificazione del vostro trattamento medico o intervento chirurgico sia il più confortevole possibile per la vostra serenità e quella dei vostri famigliari. Mettiamo la nostra eserienza al vostro servizio proponendovi: La migliore qualità di trattamenti ai migliori prezzi nei tempi più brevi Forte di un'esperienza ventennale nell'ambito medico, l'equipe di France Surgery vi offre un accesso diretto alla sua rete di strutture sanitarie e specialisti di fama internazionale su tutto il territorio francese. France Surgery – Un unico sportello "all inclusive": Informazioni e consigli personalizzati per aiutarvi a per prendere la decisione appropriata Assistenza nello svolgimento delle formalità amministrative Preventivi personalizzati Assistenza e accompagnamento durante tutto il vostro soggiorno Gestione degli spostamenti, dell'alloggio, accoglienza dei pazienti e dei loro accompagnatori A questo proposito France Surgery ha scelto il proprio team di specialisti e i propri partner secondo i più stretti principi del codice deontologico ed etico Le nostri punti di forza : Proponiamo la più grande piattaforma on line per l'accesso al sistema sanitario francese per pazienti internazionali con circa 120 strutture sanitarie convenzionate e più di 1500 specialisti di comprovata esperienza in tutto il paese... Accesso diretto ad alcuni specialisti francesi di fama internazionale. Una piattaforma informatica sicura per lo scambio di dati medici: il vostro account prottetto completamente confidenziale permetterà al vostro medico o chirurgo: l'accesso rapido alla vostra cartella clinica: antecedenti sanitari, prescrizioni attuali, radio, risonanza magnetica, i gruppi e le analisi del sangue complete … Lo scambio di informazioni direttamente con il vostro medico di fiducia in modo strettamente confidenziale per prevedere e organizzare al meglio il vostro trattamento. L'elenco delle cliniche d'eccellenza, dove operano equipe mediche rinomate,  selezionate secondo gli stringenti principi di un codice etico e deontologico della pratica medica. la stima finanziaria realista e completa prima della vostra partenza. il regolare monitoraggio post-operatorio: attraverso l'invio elettronico di questionari che permettono al chirurgo di monitorare la vostra convalescenza grazie al collegamento alla piattaforma France Surgery. Resterete in contatto con il vostro medico anche dopo il ritorno a casa: non vi sentirete mai soli! Questo è quello che i nostri pazienti pensano di noi: clicca qui



L'ÉQUIPE France Surgery est une plateforme d’accès au système de santé français pour les patients internationaux et les expatriés. France SURGERY est une société française privée dont le siège est situé à Toulouse et possède plus de 20 années d'expérience dans le secteur médical français. Notre équipe est composée de plusieurs médecins, spécialistes et professionnels de la santé. Nous vous mettons en contact avec les spécialistes les plus appropriés et veillons à ce que l’organisation de votre traitement médical ou chirurgical soit la plus confortable possible pour votre tranquillité d'esprit et celle de votre famille. Nous mettons notre expérience à votre service et vous proposons : La meilleure Qualité de soins Aux meilleurs Coûts Dans les meilleurs Délais Forte d'une expérience de plus de 20 ans, dans le monde médical, l'équipe de France Surgery vous offre un accès direct à son réseau d’établissements de santé et de spécialistes de renommée internationale sur tout le territoire français. France Surgery - Un guichet unique " all inclusive ": Informations et conseils personnalisés pour vous permettre de prendre votre propre décision Assistance aux démarches administratives Elaboration de devis personnalisés Accompagnement et assistance tout au long de votre séjour Gestion des transferts, de l'hébergement, accueil des patients et de leurs accompagnants … Dans ce cadre, France Surgery a choisi son équipe et ses partenaires selon les principes d'un code déontologique et d'éthique le plus strict. Nos atouts: Nous proposons la plus grande plate-forme en ligne d’accès au système de soins français pour les patients internationaux, avec environ 120 établissements de santé et plus de 1500 spécialistes hautement expérimentés à travers tout le pays ... Accès direct à des spécialistes français de renommée internationale Plate-forme sécurisée pour l'échange de données médicales : Votre espace sécurisé totalement confidentiel permettra au chirurgien ou au médecin: D'accéder facilement à votre dossier médical : historique médical, prescriptions en cours, radios, IRM, groupes et tests sanguins complets… D’échanger directement avec vous ou votre médecin généraliste de manière strictement confidentielle pour pouvoir mieux prévoir l'organisation de votre traitement. Une sélection de centres d’excellence composés d’équipes médicales hautement expérimentées selon un code éthique très strict de la pratique médicale. Une estimation financière réaliste et complète avant votre départ.- Un suivi postopératoire régulier : Envoi automatique de questionnaires médicaux et scoring pour permettre au chirurgien de suivre l’évolution de votre convalescence, suivi grâce à la plateforme France SURGERY. Vous restez en contact direct avec votre médecin même après retour à la maison: vous ne vous sentirez jamais seul! Ce que nos patients pensent de nous : cliquez ici



NUESTROS SERVICIOS Nuestro servicio de asistencia para los pacientes internacionales está disponible para ponerle en relación con nuestra red extensa de establecimientos de salud franceses, agencias de viaje, hoteles, habitaciones de huéspedes, ambulancias ... Nuestro equipo toma en cuenta el conjunto de sus necesidades específicas médicas, religiosas y culturales para proponerle una organización personalizada. CITA / OPINIÓN DEL MEDICO Para los residentes extranjeros en Francia: puesta en relación con los mejores especialistas franceses y programación de una cita: sólo nos falta saber ¡donde y cuando! AGENDA MEDICA Puesta en relación con equipos médicos experimentados, Opinión del médico, Coordinación de sus exámenes y consultas pre y postoperatorios, Organización de su hospitalización Asistencia administrativa. ASISTENCIA Premium Antes de su salida: Puesta en relación con equipos médicos experimentados, Opinión del médico, Coordinación de sus exámenes y consultas pre y postoperatorios, Organización de su hospitalización, Asistencia administrativa Traslados aeropuerto/clínica Hospitalización: Consultas con el cirujano y el anestesista, Acto de cirugía / tratamiento médico, Medicación postoperatoria, 1 consulta de control postoperatoria, Estancia en la clínica o en el hospital en habitación individual clásica, Pack confort: habitación individual, WIFI, periódicos, TV, bata, neceser, Servicio de acompañamiento bilingüe (check in / out, consultas, exámenes, visitas diarias). Cuidados postoperatorios Asistencia para la organización de sus cuidados postoperatorios en Francia. ESTANCIA DE CONVALECENCIA / REHABILITACIÓN Organización de su estancia postoperatoria y de los cuidados postoperatorios en Francia. ASISTENCIA ADMINISTRATIVA VIAJE France Surgery propone asistirle en sus trámites administrativos para la organización de su viaje hacia Francia: solicitud de visa...



EXCELENCIA MÉDICA La OMS ha clasificado el sistema de salud francés como n° 1 mundial. Esta clasificación refleja la pericia que brindan los médicos y cirujanos a los pacientes que están tratados en Francia. Francia innova y abre la vía en materia de tecnologías médicas de punta. El sistema de salud francés es una mezcla hábil de actores públicos y privados (prestatarios, aseguradores). El seguro enfermedad, financiado por las contribuciones de los asalariados y de los empleadores pero también por las tasas es obligatorio y cubre casi toda la población. En cambio, el seguro complementario de salud, privado, es opcional. El sistema de salud francés ha logrado su objetivo al cubrir todo el territorio y al permitir el acceso a los cuidados sin lista de espera, la posibilidad de elegir y la satisfacción de todos los pacientes. EL SISTEMA DE SALUD FRANCES Este sistema se concentra sobre la relación médico/paciente con fuerte personalización de los protocolos de cuidados. Los pacientes tienen libertad para elegir a su médico así como a sus especialistas. Con una red de establecimientos de salud muy densa, un gran número de médicos garantizan un nivel de disponibilidad elevado para toda clase de tratamientos médicos y cirugías: en general no hay lista de espera o casi. Se cuenta con más de 2100 establecimientos de salud, siendo en su mayoría pluridisciplinarios y por lo tanto familiarizados con diferentes tipos de patologías. Las tarifas de hospitalización están establecidas por el Gobierno Francés para todos los establecimientos, públicos o privados. El acceso a los establecimientos públicos o privados es el mismo en términos de costos de salud y de reembolso para los pacientes franceses y todos los ciudadanos de la Unión Europea. La Alta Autoridad de Salud Francesa (organismo Gubernamental autorizado por el ISQUIA) emite exigencias de calidad muy elevadas para los cuidados a las que los establecimientos de salud franceses han de conformarse para ser acreditados. CLÍNICAS Y HOSPITALES MUY EFICIENTES Clínicas y hospitales a la punta de las técnicas de cuidado y tecnologías médicas que ofrecen una seguridad máxima, evaluados y acreditados por la Alta Autoridad de Salud (Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS)). Ofrecen también excelentes condiciones en términos de acogida, de confort, de higiene, de seguridad y cumplen con las normas europeas. Estos establecimientos vienen todos equipados de una unidad de cuidados intensivos. Los establecimientos de salud utilizan tecnologías de punta y trabajan en colaboración con cirujanos de fama mundial e internacional. Todos los establecimientos cumplen con la preconización de vigilancia de los vectores de infecciones nosocomiales llamada ICALIN (Indice Composite des Activités de Lutte contre les Infections Nosocomiales/Índice Composite de las Actividades de Lucha contra las Infecciones Nosocomiales) y están sujetos a una clasificación anual publicada, en cuanto al control de los cuidados de infecciones nosocomiales (Datos validados por el ECDC) CIRUJANOS, MÉDICOS Y PERSONAL SANITARIO Cirujanos y médicos experimentados, inscritos en el Consejo Nacional del Colegio de Médicos francés, que participan activamente en el desarrollo y la mejora de las competencias en sus especialidades médicas a través de estudios clínicos que fueron objeto de publicaciones científicas tanto en Francia como en el mundo. La inscripción obligatoria de los profesionales en el Consejo Nacional del Colegio de Médicos (Conseil National de l'Ordre des Médecins) garantiza a los pacientes la aplicación y el estricto cumplimiento del Código de Deontología Médica. Todos los médicos de las clínicas privadas francesas han sacado obligatoriamente su diploma en Francia. El Diploma de Medicina francés es uno de los niveles de formación médica más elevado en el mundo. Es obligatoria para todos los médicos la suscripción de un seguro de responsabilidad civil profesional. Es obligatoria y sistemática para todos los médicos franceses la formación médica continua. El personal sanitario que toma a cargo al paciente está compuesta por: Un profesional sanitario titulado responsable de la organización del servicio y de la calidad de los cuidados. Enfermeros/as que efectúan los cuidados y aseguran 24h al día la vigilancia de su estado de salud. Auxiliares de enfermería que satisfacen las necesidades de los pacientes por su presencia 24h al día y por los cuidados efectuados bajo la vigilancia de los/las enfermeros/as. Agentes de servicio hospitalario para la limpieza y el higiene de su habitación PACIENTES INTERNACIONALES Pero lo que queda por saber es ¿cómo tener acceso al sistema de salud francés? Todo el mundo ha oído hablar del «modo de vida a la francesa, lujo, vino y moda », pero ¿quién conoce verdaderamente el sistema de salud francés? Aun que sea considerado como uno de los mejores sistemas del mundo, los pacientes internacionales lo consideran como un sistema cerrado, reservado a la población francesa y no fácil de acceso. Es difícil conseguir informaciones acerca de los equipos médicos más famosos y los mejores establecimientos de cuidados médicos. Ninguna publicación o clasificación es fácil de acceso desde un país extranjero y sobre todo en un idioma extranjero. Sin embargo, el sistema de salud francés está abierto a los pacientes internacionales. Muchos residentes extranjeros que viven en Francia y muchos pacientes oriundos de numerosos países se benefician ya de la excelencia de los establecimientos de salud franceses…