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What You Need to Know About Gastric Bands


What You Need to Know About Gastric Bands

What is a gastric band?

A band which is fitted around the stomach in order to reduce the amount of food that can be consumed before feeling full. This band is attached to a reservoir which can be used to adjust the size of the restriction caused by the band.

In what situations is a gastric band used?

If a person is morbidly obese and has tried other methods to lose weight without success gastric band surgery may be considered.

How is the surgery carried out?

In France the surgeons are highly qualified and experienced and are able to carry out this type if surgery by making small incisions and using internal cameras and instruments, rather then opening up a person’s abdomen. This is called keyhole surgery. 

What happens once the operation is over?

Recovery time for keyhole surgery is less than open surgery and disposable stitches should have dissolved in 7-10 days. You may need to have the banding adjusted 2-3 times over the first few months after the operation.

Is a gastric band a cure to being overweight?

No, a gastric band will be used in conjunction with making healthy changes to a person’s lifestyle. If a person is unwilling to make these changes then a gastric band may be refused.

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