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Weight loss through gastric surgery


Weight loss through gastric surgery

Gastric surgery is used to treat people who are dangerously obese. The procedures available to aid weight loss in obese people are only used as a last resort and should not be considered to be an ‘easy option’ to weight loss.


Gastric surgery is increasing in popularity with more people becoming unable to control their weight gain with routine exercise and healthy eating. There are 2 procedures which are most commonly performed in France:

Gastric band

This procedure uses surgery to place a band directly onto the stomach to reduce the size and in turn the amount of food that can fit inside the stomach. This makes the patient feel full and stop eating sooner.

Gastric bypass

This is a more complex procedure which involves re-routing the digestive system so that the majority of the stomach is bypassed. Again a patient feels full quicker and so eats less.

Both procedures are very effective in reducing weight in France but should not be used in isolation. The medical team will want to ensure that the patient is willing to make the necessary changes to keep the weight off, including diet and lifestyle changes. If a patient is committed to these changes then gastric surgery is a fantastic option and what better place to recover than in the French climate.

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