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The Dos and Don’ts Following Gastric Band Surgery


Gastric band surgery is a significant medical procedure and one that will ultimately change your life forever. That’s why you need to assess all the factors before you make the decision to proceed with gastric band surgery.

However, while following medical advice leading up to your procedure is important, your aftercare is perhaps even more crucial. After all, you’ll be recovering from a major procedure and your body needs all the help it can get to heal correctly.

It’s important that you adhere to strict dietary guidelines following your surgery. It’s of equal importance to take all-round good care of yourself. This is to allow the staple line in your stomach to be given a chance to heal, without being stretched through excessive eating or damaged by physical activity.

Here are our top dos and don’ts following gastric band surgery:

  • DON’T over exert yourself physically through lifting and stretching

  • DO contact your medical professional if you have any concerns

  • DON’T play with your stitches

  • DO follow any advice given to you upon discharge

  • DON’T expect to eat normally for quite some time

  • DO drink plenty of fluids – 8 cups a day or as advised by your medical professional

  • DON’T try and eat too much – your stomach will only be able to hold about one cup of food at a time

  • DO eat protein-rich foods to help the healing process

  • DON’T eat foods that are high-calorie or contain a lot of sugar

  • DO chew your food thoroughly before swallowing

  • DON’T eat too quickly

  • DO ensure that you take recommended vitamin and mineral supplements

You’re not going to be restricted forever, so it’s important that you take good care of yourself following your gastric band procedure.

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