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The benefits of electronic health records

Electronic health records, or online medical files as they are also known, are basically electronic versions of patients’ medical records that are securely stored in a bespoke system. While these digital records may never fully replace traditional paper-based versions, they are proving to add lots of value to the healthcare industry.

Here are some of the benefits afforded by electronic health records for both patients and medical professionals alike:

  • Electronic health records are accessible from anywhere, meaning any physician in the world can learn your medical history in a short space of time

  • They are constantly up to date, with the latest version always available

  • They make it faster to find information, thus allowing treatment to be expedited

  • They contain fewer errors and there is less chance of misinterpretations because of poor handwriting

  • They are secure from fire, theft or being lost and are also backed up for extra protection

  • They can be accessed by multiple healthcare professionals, reducing the need for paper records to be sent

All of the above ultimately improve efficiency, lead to fewer errors and lead to an improved experience for patients and medical professionals.

As part of our holistic telemedicine solution, we offer online medical files. Contact us today to find out more about how they can transform your healthcare experience.