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Reasons to Choose France Surgery as your Treatment Partner


  • France has the highest rated healthcare service in the world? (As rated by the World Health Organisation)

  • Yet healthcare costs are often 4 times cheaper than similar services in the USA, Canada or other 1st world countries

  • France is a welcoming, beautiful country and officially the most visited place on Earth

As featured on CBS, Healthcare Elsewhere and the Medical Tourism Magazine

We can open the doors to the highest level of healthcare for your company and your clients, whilst saving you money too! As our video shows, all of our services are delivered in fluent English and our client care begins right from the moment they touch down in France to the moment they board to fly back home again. Our treatment centers are especially selected from the high quality available across France to ensure your clients are treated only in the very best of our French treatment centers and by our top consultants. Our accommodation is always of a very high standard and, subject to medical agreement, we will ensure your clients enjoy their time in France and see some of our wonderful country too.

If you would like to explore France as a treatment destination for your clients, please contact me on any of the options below. I'll be happy to introduce you to the very high standards of treatment we have access to and to the savings we can offer your company.

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