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Paris Mayor Gives Her Official Backing for the City’s 2024 Olympic Bid


Paris Mayor Gives Her Official Backing for the City’s 2024 Olympic BidFrench President Francois Hollande had already given his backing for the city of Paris’s 2024 Olympic bid, but the city’s mayor had previously asked for more time to consider the proposal. But now, Anne Hidalgo has given her blessing following the submission of a report by French sports officials.

It means that Paris is one step closer to declaring its official candidacy, but the French city’s council still need to vote on the final decision in April; ahead of the International Olympic Committee’s September deadline for submissions.


A feasibility study put the cost of hosting the games in Paris at around 6.2 billion euros, but the bid’s backers have said that construction costs would be greatly reduced by the fact that the city already has the Stade de France and the Roland Garros tennis centre.

Talking about her decision to back the bid, Hidalgo said: "These very useful exchanges confirmed it makes sense for Paris to bid for this unique sporting event.”

Paris last hosted the Summer Olympics way back in 1924 and is still vying for another chance, having lost out to London in 2012.

The news is great for the city of Paris and if successful, will serve to boost the French capital’s already booming tourism industry, which many of our patients have experienced during their time with us here at France Surgery.