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Paediatric ENT



Is your child in need of ENT surgery? If so, France Surgery could be the healthcare partner that you’ve been looking for.

Read on to find out more about the range of ENT procedures available in France – all of which are of the highest-quality, affordably priced and have little to no waiting times.

France Surgery can help facilitate the following paediatric procedures:


An adenoidectomy is a surgical procedure that is performed to remove the adenoids, which are a mass of lymphoid tissue situated where the back of the nose meets the throat.

The adenoids can become enlarged and infected which can lead to obstructed breathing and sleep apnea.


Similar in nature to an adenoidectomy, a tonsillectomy is performed to remove a child’s tonsils. Like the adenoids, the tonsils are part of the lymphoid tissue located at the back of the throat.

A child may experience bouts of tonsillitis, which leads to enlarged and painful tonsils that often need antibiotic treatment. However, your child’s doctor may recommend a tonsillectomy if these infections are frequent.

Grommet Insertion

Children suffering from glue ear may need grommets inserted to resolve the condition. A grommet is a small tube which is inserted into the child’s ear through a cut in the eardrum and is designed to drain away fluid and maintain air pressure.

The procedure itself only takes around 15 minutes, so your child should be able to go home the very same day.

Cysts and congenital fistulas of the face and neck

Some children are born with cysts and/or fistulas on their faces and/or necks. Congenital fistulas are small holes that are usually located in front of the ear or on the neck. Cysts are swollen areas situated in the middle or side of the neck.

Both cysts and fistulas can lead to problems with infection and surgery is often required to prevent further complications going forward.

Choanal Atresia

Choanal atresia is a condition whereby the back of the nasal passage is blocked by bone or soft tissue. It is present at birth and can either be unilateral (just one side) or bilateral (both sides).

Surgery is inevitably needed to open the nasal passage, thus allowing the child to breathe easier.

Cleft Palate

Children born with cleft palates are particularly susceptible to middle ear infections and so corrective surgery is often necessary. This usually consists of inserting tubes into the child’s ear to drain excess fluid and reduce the risk of infection.

Our surgical partners are part of the Cleft Palate Competence Centre of Toulouse.

Ear Surgery

We can facilitate a number of different ear surgeries for your child here in France, including:

  • Surgery for chronic otitis

  • Middle ear implants and bone-anchored hearing aids

  • Surgery for congenitally prominent ears (otoplasty)

  • Functional and reparative surgery of ear malformations

Many of the procedures outlined above can be undergone on an outpatient basis, so contact us today for more detailed information on a particular surgery.

When it comes to the health of your children, you can never be too careful. They may be suffering with conditions that need urgent attention and the long waiting times in some healthcare systems are not an option.

Furthermore, you want to be sure that the medical professionals responsible for your children’s welfare are world-class and operating within a high-quality healthcare system.

For these reasons, you should look no further than France and the excellent level of healthcare that it offers – even to international patients. Let France Surgery facilitate your child’s ENT surgery today.