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Obesity rates rising among US women


Obesity rates rising among US womenA pair of studies released on Tuesday show that the battle against rising obesity levels in the United States isn't currently being won.

According to the two articles published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 35% of men; 40% of women; and 17% of children and teenagers in the US are obese. Not overweight, obese.

These startling figures are in spite of hundreds of millions of dollars having been pumped into trials, research, drugs, observational studies, and community and hospital programmes. Additional efforts in schools, communities, businesses and places of worship have also fallen short when it comes to tackling an obesity epidemic that is three decades old.

Dr. Jody Zylke and Dr. Howard Bauchner, the deputy editor and editor in chief, respectively, of JAMA, which wrote an editorial to accompany the research findings, said: "Although it is impossible to know what the extent of the obesity epidemic would have been without these efforts, the data reported ... certainly do not suggest much success."

One of the research's biggest surprises was that obesity prevalence among women went up by 5% over the course of a decade, while the prevalence for men remained the same.

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