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No Diesel Cars in Paris by 2020 says Paris Mayor


No Diesel Cars in Paris by 2020 says Paris MayorIn October, we told you about the introduction of a trial smoking ban in several Paris parks as part of France’s much larger campaign to combat smoking-related deaths. Now it seems that smoke from cigarettes isn’t the only type on the radar of the Parisian authorities.

The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has just announced plans to reduce pollution in the French capital, which includes a total ban on diesel cars by 2020.

Speaking to France's Journal du Dimanche newspaper, Hidalgo outlined her vision of only ultra-low emission vehicles on the French capital’s major thoroughfares in the future.


Even though Hidalgo’s plans may seem a little unrealistic, statistics show that the amount of people who own cars in Paris has been steadily declining for some time. She said, "Today 60% of Parisians already do not have cars, compared with 40% in 2001. Things are changing quickly”.

In addition to the ban on diesel cars, Hidalgo wants to prevent trucks from using Paris as a shortcut and introducing electric vans into the city’s car-sharing scheme.

The proposed anti-pollution plans are not only good news for Parisians but also for anyone else visiting the city and further underlines the country’s overall commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles.

Photo Credit: Flickr