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Napoleon Hat Fetches $2.2 Million at Auction


Napoleon Hat Fetches $2.2 Million at AuctionWhen people think of Napoleon it’s often his choice of distinctive headwear that sticks out in their minds and a recent Paris auction sale of one of his famous two-pointed hats will serve to further cement that association.


On Sunday, a South Korean collector purchased a black beaver felt ‘bicorne’ hat which was reportedly donned by the French Emperor in 1800 at the Battle of Marengo.

The hat sale is part of a larger collection being sold off by the Monaco royal family to fund restoration work at the Palais de Monaco – something which they believe will enhance France’s cultural heritage.

French auctioneers Osenat had placed an expected selling price of between 300,000 and 400,000 euros. However, experts had estimated that the historical hat would fetch far more and the eventual $2.2 million price tag (after associated fees) shows that they were right on the money.

The reason for the astronomical price is that there are only thought to be 19 Napoleon hats left in existence from the 120 or so hats that the famous emperor is thought to have worn throughout his military career.

Bicorne hats were not uncommon and many military officers wore them at the time. Napoleon, however, became known for wearing his sideways in an apparent attempt to make himself more visible on the battlefield.

The recent sale shows just how collectible some French historical items are and the international appeal they command.

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