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Misconceptions of Gastric Surgery


Misconceptions of Gastric Surgery

1. Gastric surgery is a cure for being overweight

To many people gastric surgery is simply another option to help a person lose weight. It is often viewed as a cure obesity and a procedure which allows a person to eat whatever they like, do limited exercise and still remain a healthy weight. This is very far front the truth.

Gastric surgery will only be performed on a patient who has tried all other, non-surgical options and still cannot maintain a healthy weight.

This surgery will also only be performed on a patient committed to making necessary changes to their lifestyle. 

2. Gastric surgery is a purely cosmetic procedure

Gastric surgery is not carried out in order to allow a patient to achieve a certain look. These procedures will only be contemplated if the weight of the patient is causing health issues and no other form of weight loss has worked. Gastric surgery will assist a person to lose weight in order to be achieve a healthy weight, not to achieve a desired weight. 

3. You can choose whatever procedure you want in order to get the body you desire

To a certain extent you can choose how your surgery is performed with France Surgery. The medical and surgical teams will take your views into consideration, however, the final decision will be made based on health issues and not your personal desires.