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Highest Quality Standard


And what about French quality standards :

  • The entire healthcare system is regulated by government

  • The majority of specialty activities are submitted to government authorisation, regarding equipment and qualification of medical teams such as for surgery, cancer treatment, interventional cardiology and many others.

  • Regular assessment is operated by French Ministry of Health. The results of physicians practice, procedure numbers, morbidity ,complications are monitored and assessed.

  • All facilities are certified every 3 years by the High Authority of Health – HAS with public access to findings and conclusions.

  • Risk management and quality are a main preoccupation and the proof of this policy is mandatory in the certification process.

One of the main concerns about Medical Travel is the control of Health Care associated infection.

The French HAS publish annual results and statistics for every hospital in France, data is made public and may be viewed on the French HAS Web Site.

All data is validated by European centre for disease prevention and control.

Public and private hospitals are of course liability insured for International patients.

All physicians need to register with the French Medical Council. Depending on their diplomas and degree course, the French Medical Council authorises the practice of a speciality within strict guidelines.

The particular aspect of liability in private practice imply that French doctors have to be a graduate in France, otherwise they cannot obtain insurance against Malpractice.

French medical graduation is one of the most famous and is very demanding.

The level of training is very high, with at least six years for general medicine, five more years of residency to qualify as a medical specialist and at least 3 more years for a Surgeon.

All professionals have a personal professional liability insurance with very high coverage standards.

Subscription to this insurance is mandatory to join any hospital or medical team.

An essential requirement is made to continuous medical education.

France has a very ancient culture of CME to adapt practices to progress and to advance new technologies. So all physicians are really up to date in their technique and practice.

State regulation and regional competition have led to very homogeneous standards all over the territory.

The same quality of care may be found from Britain to Italian borders.

Pluridisciplinary facilities are mainly very modern and fully equipped responding to the highest standards of certification.