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Green Laser



Green Laser vaporisation of prostate adenoma is a way to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy.

It is performed under anaesthetic using keyhole surgery (without opening and along the channel ) with ultrasound guidance.

This intervention aims to improve urination (power and quality of the urinary stream) by removing the obstruction caused by the prostate).

The consequences of this treatment are: urgent needs, blood in the urine, some mictional pain during the healing phase (which can last up to 2-3 months) and a permanent loss of ejaculation but no erectile disorder and pleasure being unchanged.

The limitations of this technique are:

  • imperfect and incomplete results when the prostate is large (>60g)

  • suboptimal indication (insufficient obstruction and predominant irritative complaint)

  • urgent, frequent needs…

  • absence of histopathologic analysis of the vaporised tissue

The advantage of this laser treatment is to reduce bleeding, simplify and reduce postoperative recoveries when compared with other techniques and to allow ultrasound monitoring to check the optimal nature of the intervention.

It also allows to use saline serum to reduce the risks associated with the use of other irrigation fluids. This technique also allows the maintenance of some anti-platelet drugs (Aspirin…) but require VKA anticoagulant to possibly be stopped.