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France’s La Poste Looking to Leverage Drones for Medical Deliveries


France’s La Poste Looking to Leverage Drones for Medical DeliveriesFrance’s national postal service, La Poste, is developing drones which will revolutionise the way parcels are delivered; especially medical supplies.

La Poste’s drone programme will mean that parcels can be delivered, no matter what the weather, to remote areas as far as 12 miles away.

Over the past three months, La Poste and one of its subsidiaries have conducted successful test flights which prove the concept could be a real possibility in the future.

At a special test site in the Var region of southern France, La Poste and Express International GeoPost proved that drones featuring six-propellers were capable of carrying boxes weighing up to nine pounds in weight, regardless of the weather conditions.

La Poste

Even though the drones were only flown within a 12-mile radius, the possibilities for getting important parcels to remote areas, such as those with steep hillsides, few roads or water obstacles.

A GeoPost spokesman said: “It's very interesting, notably for urgent medical needs or blood deliveries”.

Many large corporations, like Amazon, Facebook and Google, have shown interest in developing their own drone programmes, but strict air traffic laws in the U.S. mean that progress has been slow.

In France, however, drone use in less populated, remote areas shouldn’t pose as much of a problem. This means that anyone who’s been hurt in a cliff top accident, for example, and is in urgent need of blood supplies or medical equipment can receive them much quicker.