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Five Examples of Hearty French Winter Fare


Five Examples of Hearty French Winter FareIt’s a fact that France is renowned for its world-class cuisine. However, when people think about the exquisite food available in France, heart-warming winter dishes aren’t probably the first things that spring to mind.

But why? After all, France boasts some of the heartiest winter fare there is and to prove it here’s five French winter dishes to tantalise your taste buds:


pot au feu

A mouthwatering stew comprising various meats, root vegetables and marrow bones, Pot-au-feu is easily prepared but requires cooking for quite some time on a low heat.

Onion soup

onion soup

Many people know French onion soup and that’s because it’s tasty and warms your insides on a cold winter’s day. Plus, every recipe tends to differ slightly, so you can have fun trying the different variations available.



Mashed potato lovers who haven’t tried aligot are in for a real treat. It’s basically mashed potato, cream, cheese, garlic and butter all blended together to create a deliciously smooth mixture.



Backoeffe comes from the Alsace region of France which borders Germany and is famous for rich dishes. This mutton, beef and pork stew is marinated overnight then cooked slowly to make the meat extra tender.



Despite usually being associated with parties nowadays, Fondue is a staple of Alpine winters and originates from the Savoie region of France. It’s a great way to replenish lost energy after a day on the slopes.

Photo Credits: Flickr, Jo Harrison