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First Outdoor Public Smoking Ban Starts in Paris


First Outdoor Public Smoking Ban Starts in ParisFrance has long been known as a country that boasts world-class healthcare and the recent decision by its government to commence a trial smoking ban in three Paris playgrounds is testament to the importance of health in the country.

The initial smoking ban has been introduced in three Parisian playgrounds in the Parc de Montsouris and will initially last for one year.

Part of a much larger campaign to reduce the country’s death toll from smoking, the outdoor ban will be reviewed after a year and a decision made as to whether it should be made permanent. Depending on the outcome, other parks could become subject to similar bans in the near future.

smoking ban

Of course, smoking bans in outdoor public spaces are nothing new in some other parts of the world. However, the decision to introduce them in France shows the definitive stance which French officials are taking.

The move follows a widespread indoor smoking ban that occurred in France back in 2008.

French health minister, Marisol Touraine, has even said that electronic cigarettes will soon be banned in some public places.

The decision to ban smoking in these playgrounds shows the intent of the French government to tackle tobacco-related deaths and alleviate the burden to the healthcare system in the process; maintaining its world-class standing.

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