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FAQsFrequently Asked Questions (GENERAL)


·         Why should I come to France for an operation?

W.H.O ranked the French health system no. 1 in the world. In France you can find elite doctors who are some of the best at their practice, for an affordable rate:

  • Experienced and world-renowned surgeons

  • Clinics carefully selected for their state-of-the-art technologies and the best level of care and safety

  • Highly-personalised services

  • Complete and appropriate medical treatment

  • An excellent recovery environment

  • Short waiting times: 7 weeks on average (as of validation of your file)

  • The best value for money

In addition there is the fact that France is the most visited country in the world. Why not use your recovery period to spend time with your family to discover France and all its richness: culture, food, architecture, etc.


·         Why should I put my trust in France-Surgery as opposed to than another facilitator?

France-Surgery has more than 20 years of expertise in the French and international medical industry. These decades of experience allows us to keep contact with the best professionals and select only the most suitable health professionals, for the most precise medical or surgical treatments. We have received the Award for Best Medical Travel Agency in London, April 2015 and are the only certified medical facilitators in France.


At France-Surgery all your requests will be dealt with professionally for your peace of mind and that of your loved ones.

We subscribe to the rules of best practice enforced for medical tourism, including the selection of partners accredited by the French Department of Health:

  • Clinics and Hospitals offering the highest level of security, evaluated and accredited by the French National Authority for Health (HAS),

  • Elite surgeons and doctors are members of the French Medical Association (Ordre National des Médecins). They participate in scientific development of their specific medical fields which are subject of scientific publications both in France and abroad.

France-Surgery is an all-inclusive, one-stop service, our services include:

  • Personalized information and professional advice to help you in making your decision

  • Administrative procedure support

  • Negotiation of preferential rates with clinics and partners

  • Putting you in direct contact with the clinic and the specialist

  • Support and assistance throughout your stay (clinic and post-operative care) from collection on arrival and drop-off

  • Management of transfers, visits, accommodation, catering for patients and their loved ones



  • Do all the doctors within France-Surgery’s network work on the same campus?


 P4France-Surgery’s extended medical network spans 120 clinics and hospitals all over France.


France-Surgery will put you in direct contact with any of our 1500 recommended specialists and surgeons.  It is the patient who usually gets to choose which French city would please them most.


All hospitals within our network are renowned for their excellence. Partners within our network are in located dynamic cities that also have a wealth of culture and activity  - including, Toulon, Bordeaux, Monaco, Béziers, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse and Marseille.


  • What types of license and credentials do your doctors have?

Our team is composed of several reputable physicians and healthcare professionals with over 20 years of experience in the French medical sector.

Aside from the obligatory and rigorously strict national qualifications, France Surgery recommended surgeons and doctors are elite members of the French Medical Association (Ordre National des Médecins).  They participate in scientific development of their specific medical fields, which are the subject of scientific publications both in France and abroad.

Many of our doctors teach their peers at hospitals around the globe (eg. In USA, India, the UK) the newest techniques which have been developed within their specific field.

  • What training and licensing do French nurses, pharmacists, imaging technicians and lab technicians receive?


French nurses, pharmacists, imaging technicians and lab technicians of go through rigorous, high quality training in order to pass examinations so as to obtain licenses to practice in France.  Nurses are re-certified every few years. Furthermore, intensive care nurses must receive higher training in specialized areas.


  • What is the rate of infection in France?


Out of the millions of patients treated at French hospitals each year, the rate of infection is less than 7%. This very low rate is because there is an extremely strict and thorough national infection control programme, which is re-evaluated every 4 years; in order to reduce hospital acquired infections in France.

Under French law, clinics and hospitals have to collect data for this 4 yearly evaluation, data that includes (but is not limited to):
- Yearly consumption of antiseptic hand-wash products for 1000 hospital days,
- Incidence rates of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus,
- Incidence rates of surgical site infections,
- Monitoring antibiotic consumption.

This information is then required by law to be made available to the public.


The objective is to constantly strengthen and monitor infection control and to improve the quality of care provided in health care institutions.


  • How do the international patients communicate with doctors and medical staff?


English is widely spoken by most of the doctors within our network. The France Surgery team can also provide French - English (and vice versa) interpretation both linguistically and of documents in situations where it is necessary.



  • How do I begin / make an appointment?


If you are interested in our offer you can contact France-Surgery directly at

(+33) 953 02 03 09 to make an appointment or email us to request a free quotation.


You can also visit our website at where you can then create your medical file in a secure area. This is where where we invite you to specify your pathology and you can upload your medical history and fill in the pre-diagnostic questionnaire intended for the surgeon or doctor on this highly secure eHealth platform.


Then you will be invited to pay the €50 administrative charges, which will be directly credited to your travel account. The eHealth platform secure area will allow:

  • You to transmit your medical file directly to your doctor

  • The surgeon or doctor can contact you directly

  • You can discuss with your doctor or surgeon, the diagnosis and the organization of your future treatment.

  • When you fly back home, you have the ability to send X-rays or other examination documents, for a more thorough post-surgery follow-up.

The definitive cost of your treatment will be determined by the healthcare team, after the analysis of your medical file and the first meeting by telephone or videoconference.



  • How would you recommend the most suitable doctor?


If you request it, we can make a recommendation for you based on your pathology, the medical information you provide us, your desired city, and the appointment date.

Otherwise we will send you profiles of doctors of which you can choose.


·         How do I organize my stay?

Once your medical file has been validated, the France-Surgery team will take over, through your secure area, to assist you in organizing your trip: administrative assistance, travel bookings, etc.

Our team will contact you to discuss the organization of your travel as well as for the persons accompanying you, and will make proposals corresponding to your wishes and your budget.

All your tickets, vouchers, reservations, information, etc. will be sent via this area.



  • Does France-Surgery make accommodations for the patient’s family members or friends etc.?

Should you and your loved ones consider staying at a near-by hotel, France-Surgery would be happy to help you with reservations at hotels near to your clinic.

Generally (for a small fee) one relative may accompany a patient in the single rooms at the hospital.

 * It is highly recommend that patients travel with a family member or loved one with whom they are comfortable sharing a high level of privacy. *

  • Are there fun activities we may participate in outside of the hospital stays and appointments?


Based on the type of surgery you have received, your interests and your doctor’s prescription, France-Surgery can help you and your accompanying loved ones find cultural activities (festivals, museums etc) that are available in the city of your surgery.

Other wise, each city in France has its own official website. For suggestions of activities happening in your city at the time of your surgery, you may also visit your cities website (eg., Which will detail the calendar of events happening in that specific city all year.

·         How is the post-operative follow-up organized?

After your procedure and during the recovery period in France, your surgeon may wish to see you again (once or twice) for post-operative consultations. During this time, a nurse will provide necessary care, e.g. changing dressings, medications, etc. directly at the hotel where you may be recovering.


When you return home, your surgeon will remain in contact with you by telephone if necessary, and may even contact your general practitioner to make sure your recovery is going well.


Two new check-ups by your French surgeon will take place at the 2-month mark and at the 6-month mark, by exchanging of X-rays/Images and other examinations through your secure area on the France-Surgery’s eHealth platform (login to your account at


Should the recovery be unsatisfactory, the surgeon will indicate to you the procedure to follow, and will consider a possible return for another procedure.  In this case, all healthcare costs (consultation and procedure by the surgeon as well as the recovery stay) will be at the expense of the surgeon and clinic. Transport expenses remain the responsibility of the patient.

  • Do you have a pick-up service and drop off service for the airport?


Based on the patient plan you have selected, France-Surgery can pick you up at the airport, and at the end of your trip ensure your safe and timely arrival at the airport for your flight.  Please provide us with your flight arrival time and patient information, prior to your travel date. Additional service charges may apply.



  • Where is France-Surgery located and what is nearby?


Our offices are located in Toulouse (south-west) France, which has the affectionate nickname ‘la ville rose’ (the pink city) due to the architecture made of pinkish bricks.


Toulouse is conveniently located just a few hours drive from Spain and our international airport provides easy direct access to many major cities including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels and Munich. Toulouse is a stop on the trans-European network of trains, so you can also easily hop on the train for a more scenic trip to any of these cities.

Within walking distance of Toulouse city-centre are many of the most popular hotels, embassies, restaurants and major shopping destinations.   For map information click here.


  • Does France-Surgery offer cost estimates?


Yes, simply to click the "free quote" icon and fill in the questionnaire at to request a quote and inquire about treatment costs.

The total in-patient and out-patient cost estimate includes surgical fees, doctor’s fees, lab tests, medicine, and room fees. It also includes (based on the patient plan you have selected) the assistance of France-Surgery. We assist patients with issues such as translation services (both documents and linguistic), transportation logistics, hotel stays, arranging post-surgery follow-ups by nurses at your hotel, post-surgery comfort packs to help with long flights home, guarantees that you can stay in touch with your French doctor even after you arrive back to your home country.

  • Can my medical costs be covered?


It all depends on the health system of your country.

If you are from a country within the European Union, after your treatment stay, you will be given an invoice in English.

When you return home, this invoice must be sent to the health care received abroad form that has been duly filled in – this form is available from your health insurance fund – which you send to your insurance company to obtain reimbursement for the health care.


France-Surgery International tel. no.: +33 953 02 03 09



·         Can I pay in several installments?

To make your trip easier, France-Surgery allows payment in 3 installments at no additional charge.

·         What are the administrative procedures to follow?


We can also support you in the entire administrative process.



  • What happens should I decide to cancel my procedure?


You have the right to change your mind! If you decide to cancel or postpone your trip, you have up to 15 days in relation to your arrival date, to modify or cancel without charge.

After this 15-day period, 100% of the paid amounts will be retained due to late cancellation.


  • What is the legal recourse to take should something happen during my medical treatment?

France Surgery is a medical facilitator; we assist with medical travel and accommodation plans. We furnish information about the best health specialists, hospitals and clinics for specific pathologies and conditions. We do not provide medical services ourselves.

Although we use a reasonable level of skill and professionalism in choosing our medical network, France Surgery cannot be held responsible for any errors of the doctors, hospitals / clinics (third parties).

In case of medical misconduct by any member of a medical team, the patient is directed to contact the third parties directly. By law all French doctors and clinics have to publicly list the details of their insurance (the number etc should be attached to all invoices). Should something happen during surgery, patients should make note of the insurance contact details of the medical professional or institution.

Disclaimer: In terms of liability the medical facilitator (France Surgery) is not legally responsible for the actions of the medical staff.