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Could Going On Holiday Boost Our Immune Systems?


Could Going On Holiday Boost Our Immune Systems?A holiday, some music or a change of scenery could potentially boost the body's immune system and help it fight infection, according to new research.

Scientists from the Queen Mary University of London found that if they spruced up the living spaces of mice, by adding things like running wheels, toys and colourful boxes, the mice's T-cells received a boost. These cells are crucial for the animals' immunity and help protect against disease.

For the study, the researchers placed some mice in enriched environments with lots of stimulation, while others were housed in plain, old cages with sawdust.

The scientists found that the mice in the more luxurious surroundings had higher levels of molecules that are good at responding to infections. As a result, these mice were better prepared for fighting infections.

Talking about the findings of the study, Prof Fulvio D'Acquisto, lead researcher from the Queen Mary University of London, said: "This effect is remarkable because we haven't given them any drugs. All we've done is change their housing conditions.

"You could say that we've just put them in their equivalent of a holiday resort for two weeks and let them enjoy their new and stimulating surroundings."

Additional research is now being called for to see whether the same results are witnessed in humans. It could be that a walk on the beach; a more comfortable hospital bed; or listening to a piece of music may boost the human body's immune system.