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Clinique du Docteur Jean Causse


Clinique du Docteur Jean Causse

Clinique du Docteur Jean Causse, Béziers

Near Béziers, the clinic Jean Causse is internationally renowned for the surgery of deafness and, more generally, nose, throat and ears

Located in the middle of vineyards and pine trees along the Canal du Midi and 10 minutes drive from the mediterranean sea, the clinic has 7 operating theaters.
Each block has a technical platform adapted to each specialty
including different types of lasers, Argon and Eximer.

The service ambulatory surgery has the same type of technique that interventions with hospitalizations plateau. The indications for ambulatory surgery in the Causse Clinic are mainly represented by ophthalmology, pediatric ENT surgery, plastic surgery and dentistry.

This type of surgery is more and more practiced at the clinic. It means patient’s check in and check out of the clinic during the same day. New drugs with short action allows both  fast and comfortable awakening after locoregional anesthesia.

Breakfast is served at 7 45
Lunch served at 11:30 - Dinner at 18h 30
Snack on 15H

200 m walk ... through a port on the “Canal du Midi” ... You can find a Flower shop, a newspapers shop and different types of restaurants. Mediteranean see is only 10 mn to drive.

Private rooms of the clinic is equipped with a bed for one accompanying.

The clinic was ranked in 2012 among the best out of 1308 healthcare facilities, for the following pathologies
Pathology National ranking Note/ 20
Shoulder Surgery 21th 15,22
ENT 4st 19,5
Aestheticand functionalnose surgery 9th
Hand surgery 41th
Knee surgery 67th
Cataract 99th
Thyroïdectomy 70th