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Minimally invasive knee replacement

French surgeons benefit from computer assisted navigation technology to perform knee replacements. This knee navigation technology provides better alignment and overall results for total knee arthroplasty.

One of the most critical aspects of knee replacement surgery is to ensure proper positioning of joint replacement implants. Misaligned implants can cause increased wear and looseness of joint replacement.

With Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS), a computerized model of the joint is used to ensure proper alignment of the joints, based on bone anatomy and the situation of intraoperative ligaments. By following surgical instruments and components based on the patient's anatomy, it has been proven that the Total Knee Navigation software improves leg alignment and functionality.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightProven clinical benefit
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSuperior soft tissue management for TKR
  • keyboard_arrow_rightTruly open platform enhances implant workflow and flexibility