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Accelerate the development of your international patients department


ePATIENT KIT™: an effective PRM to meet the rising standards of patient-centered care, reducing healthcare costs and improving outcomes

Introducing ePatient Kit ™

If you want to deliver an outstanding patient care for your medical travellers, you should do more than simply manage your patients’ medical and travel information.

ePatient KitTM is a strong, collaborative tool, which gives you a complete view of patients’ records, access to a patient’s care team (specialists from abroad, GPs, insurers, patient coordinators, recovery centers...) and the tools to bring it all together to improve healthcare outcomes.
It is the lack of adapted tools that led us to create and now develop a totally secure connected health platform, which allows the process to be fully automated, enhancing easier connection to patients, therefore optimizing their global experience.
ePatient Kit ™: Meet the rising standards of patient-centered care
ePatient Kit ™ is an integrated connected health system which helps in the facilitation of:
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    Planning and organization of medical journeys
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    Creation of quotes, invoicing and payments
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    International patients follow-up before, during and after the intervention
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    The development of your international patients department
  • Patients can also use this platform to simply get a 2nd medical opinion.

The Platform complies with HIPAA, EURO 95/46 and PIPEDA standards. Ensuring that the on-line transfer and the management of medical files is totally secure and in compliance with strict French and International health safety laws.

Core advantages of a secure medical tool

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    Secure online transfer & management of medical files
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    Tele diagnosis
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    Secure video and chat conference with the international doctor
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    Automated processes
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    Customised tool
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    Commercialisation in Saas mode
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    Strategic management tool
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    Patient apps