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Medical travel in France - How it works ?

1. Get informed

Research French healthcare providers that offer the highest quality
of medical care, as well as expert second opinions. Make a free inscription
and complete your profile according to your specific needs.

2. Receive a free quote

Create a new medical file, fill in a medical form specific to your specialty, and upload
your medical imaging. You will receive a choice of highly-experienced physician's profiles.
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connexion avec le spécialiste

3. You are connected with a French specialist

We put you in contact with the best specialist, according to your choice.
He will analyze and validate your medical file whithin 48h. You can contact him directly
via a totally secure chat and video conferencing.

4. Receive a comprehensive quote

You will receive a personalised treatment quote and will be able to validate it online.
You can proceed with the online payment of the deposit.
devis médical
voyage médical

5. Organize your medical travel

Let your medical travel experts organize your travel!
We can help you book your hotel, obtain your visa, manage your transfers,
translate your documents, provide you an interpreter, or an international insurance option.