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Hospital Universitario Quironsalud Madrid

Madrid, Spain
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Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital is a benchmark for private healthcare in the Madrid Region. Three pillars comprise the foundation of its healthcare philosophy: top-level professionals, cutting edge technology and personalized attention.
At Quirónsalud Madrid, 39 medical and surgical specialities are available, making it a general hospital capable of responding to all of our patients’ needs.

Main pathologies treated

Hospital Universitario Quironsalud Madrid has become an industry leader for medical oncology, radiation oncology, hematology and for treating tumors of all types.
This hospital also stands out for its excellence in heart surgery, neurosurgery, IVF, pediatrics, gynecology, neurology, ENT and pulmonology.
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13 operating rooms
241 beds
108 local consultations
11 image diagnosis rooms,
surgical and oncological day hospital,
pathology laboratory and facilities for Clinical Analyses, Molecular Biology and Genetics,
Sleep and Epilepsy Unit,
Blood Bank,
2 endoscopy rooms
intensive care unit for adults and another one specifically for paediatric and neonatal care.

18 beds for Neonatal
Pediatric Intensive Care
2 delivery rooms
2 endoscopy rooms
14 surgery rooms
Room for hemodynamic
True Beam accelerator
Da Vinci Surgery Robot
Ultra low dose radiation CT
3 MRI (1 of 3 Tesla and 2 of 1,5 Tesla)
22 rue Saint-Joseph, 31400 Toulouse
+33 9 53 02 03 09

Quality certifications

ISO 9001
Certifications Quironsalud Madrid