Medical assistance
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Fondation Hopale

WIth more than 100 years experience, the Fondation Hopale is a benchmark healthcare provider, highly specialised in the treatment of neurological and osteo-articular conditions, disabilities, chronic conditions and learning and behavioural disorders.

The group manages 15 facilities in Northern France (Nord Pas-de-Calais), with a concentration of activities on the Opal Coast (Berck-sur-mer) and on the outskirts of Lille.

It provides comprehensive and integrated healthcare solutions with services ranging from diagnosis, therapeutic education, medical and surgical treatment, rehabilitation/re-adaptation and integration (social, professional, family and academic).
• More than 1400 beds (200 surgery, 800 rehabilitation, 400 integration)
15 facilities located in North of France
Medical Imaging (MRI, Hybrid gamma cameras, Radiology, Scanner, Scanner EOS 3D, Echography, Doppler ultrasound, Nuclear scintigraphy)
O-arm: Surgical imaging system, enables 3D images during the procedure
• Highly specialized in the treatment of orthopedic and neurological diseases.
At top of national rankings for the last 15 years for orthopedic surgery & spine surgery.
• One of the largest rehabilitation center in France with 17 700 m2 highly specialized rehabilitation on the seafront in Berk-sur-Mer
• Facilities for international patients and their families.
22 rue Saint-Joseph, 31400 Toulouse
+33 9 53 02 03 09