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Enjoy Frances most irresistible destinations

France attracted 83 million foreign tourists in 2012, making it the most popular tourist destination in the world.

It offers no less than 37 sites inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List and features cities of high cultural interest. Paris being the foremost, but also Toulouse, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Lyon … beaches and seaside resorts, ski resorts, and rural regions that many enjoy for their beauty and tranquillity (green tourism).

Exploring France's most beautiful villages

Small and picturesque French villages of quality heritage are promoted through the association « les plus beaux villages de France »(litt. “The Most Beautiful Villages of France”).
The remarkable Gardens ‘label is a list of over two hundred gardens classified by the French Ministry of Culture. This label is intended to protect and promote remarkable gardens and parks.

25 top tourist destinations in "Occitanie"

There are some places, some atmospheres, some landscapes that you will always remember. Villages, towns and attractions that are unexpected discoveries and make you want to come back for more. This is true of Toulouse, Rocamadour, Conques and the Cirque de Gavarnie, magical surroundings that are perfect for a day or a longer stay. Midi-Pyrénées has no fewer than 25 Top Tourist Destinations that are unmissable because they bring out not only the region’s history and beauty but also its sense of hospitality.

“Fête de la musique”

Completely different from a music festival, the Fête de la Musique is above all a free popular fête, open to any participant (amateur or professional musicians) who wants to perform. This Music day allows the expression of all styles of music in a cheerful atmosphere. It’s aimed at a large audience, working to popularise musical creativity for young and not so young people from all social backgrounds. It gives an opportunity to communicate and share a very special moment through music.

Hospitals locations

All selected clinics and hospitals are located near to International airports in cities that have diverse cultural and touristic attractions, allowing recovering patients and their family or friends a place to relax and discover new horizons …

Medical excellence

The French health care system is one of the highest ranked health systems in the world and often the first in terms of population health level and infrastructures.
This system is patient centered with a policy of equal access for all citizens. This ensures a high standard of care and consistency in the services provided across the health facilities Network.
First of all let us consider the healthcare system basics:
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    Doctors and surgeons pay attention to the particular wishes and needs of the patient and their family.
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    France is already a multicultural country familiar with and committed to respecting everyone, regardless of culture and religion.
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    France is innovative and leading the way in terms of advanced medical technologies.
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    The high density hospital network and the large number of physicians ensures a high availability level for all kinds of procedures, medical treatments and surgery, there’s usually no or very short waiting lists.
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    More than 2100 facilities offer care to the population, with the majority of hospitals being multi-disciplinary and familiar with various kinds of pathologies.
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    Access to public or private practice is the same in terms of refunding healthcare costs for French patients and all European union Citizens.
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    The French Healthcare System is open to International patients. Many foreign residents and medical travellers are already taking advantage of excellent health facilities all over France
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    Payment or refunding may vary depending on the patient status and citizenship, however rates for hospital stays are fixed by the French government. The rates are the same all over the French territory as long as the facility is subsidised and certified by the health administration.
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    Surprisingly rates are often lower in private facilities for the global fee including hospital stay and medical fees./div>
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    Indeed public hospitals include the cost of all medical and paramedical education on the price of the hospital stay.