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BORDEAUX South - West
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Situated near Bordeaux, the Merignac Sport Clinic is a recently inaugurated clinic, specialized in the treatment and surgery of the shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist, hip, knee, ankle and foot. The Merignac Sport Clinic receives patients with shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and foot problems, emerged as a result of their sport activity, their work or their daily activities.
The clinic disposes of a team of 13 orthopaedic surgeons among the most renowned in France. The clinic was ranked in 2014 among the best clinics in France for the following pathologies : knee trauma, foot surgery, ankle surgery, shoulder surgery. The clinic disposes of 90 beds and places.

The clinic has an operating theatre divided into the following sectors :

Aseptic sector
with five operating rooms (including 1 digitized room) receiving orthopaedic surgery, spine surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery

One post-interven onal care room
With 8 posts. The room is equipped to the highest standards, where patients are placed under the permanent supervision of a qualitied team of doctors and anaesthesiologists.
Steriliza on services approved by the ARS (Regional Health Agences)
Latest genera on endoscopy and arthroscopy materials.


• Haute Autorité de la Santé (HAS)
• Nosocomial Infection Prevention Committee - Class A
22 rue Saint-Joseph, 31400 Toulouse
+33 9 53 02 03 09