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NICE French Riviera
Leading French medical group enjoying superb private clinics in the beautiful location, Nice.
The Clinics are renowned throughout France for their superb facilities and equipment, bene ng for very top national rankings. All major medical and surgical specialities are practiced in our facilities, including ophthalmology, hand surgery, orthopaedic surgery, coeliosurgery, vascular surgery, urology, ENT and plastic surgery. You can be sure that you will be looked after by highly trained professional staff who understand the needs and comfort of the pa ent, ensuring a stay that is as stress-free as possible. All the clinics are as clean as you’d expect from one of the world’s leading countries in healthcare and many of the rooms have beautiful views, transforming your experience of what a stay in hospital is like.All the clinics are consistently invested in to make sure that state-of-the-art equipment is available to give the doctors the very best information and also ensure that you have access to many of the latest surgical procedures. If you are looking for the very best medical care in an excellent recovery environment with sun 90% of the year, this medical group could be the ideal place for your procedure. In addition, Nice benefits from an international airport.

• Medical and surgical ophthalmology
• Orthopaedic surgery and Hand Surgery
• Urology
• Emergency services (24/7)

• Haute Autorité de la Santé (HAS)
• Nosocomial Infection Prevention Committee - Class A
22 rue Saint-Joseph, 31400 Toulouse
+33 9 53 02 03 09