Medical assistance
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Oncology and haematology


The medical team that will support you during your stay in France is made up of internationally renowned healthcare professionals with different areas of expertise and specialities. They work within the health care facility where you receive your treatment and in connection with your doctors. Your support is comprehensive and includes care and additional support you may need during and after your treatment (psychological, fatigue management, advice on your diet, etc.)

Cancer Screening and Early Detection

Screening is a process that aims to identify, at the earliest and in the absence of symptoms, lesions that may be cancerous or develop into cancer. The value of screening is that cancer can be detected earlier, patients can be provided with better care and the impact of treatment is reduced.

For all requests, you must first send us your completed medical record via our secure platform as well as your medical history. This will allow us to put you in touch with the best French specialists who will be able to discuss the treatments options suitable for you.

Please note: incomplete or unreadable medical documents will not be accepted.

Choose an institution

To be allowed to treat cancer, French healthcare institutions have to meet a number of conditions. This acts as a guarantee for you as to the level of their care and allows you rest assured you’ll be fully supported. You are also free to choose the institution where you want to be treated.
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